How To Build A Website in 2022

Everyone should have their own website. It’s something I’ve always stood by and in this video I’ll be going over everything you need to know about setting up a website from why create a personal website to how to pick a platform & domain and, finally, what to do with it once you have it.

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00:00 Intro
00:51 Why you should have a website
06:03 How to create a website
14:27 What to do with it

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  1. Brian Crizaldo

    Do you know of any websites or features that you can put on your website for text marketing?

  2. dezel

    also came out in 2021

  3. 👆👆. He was able to help me to create mine. I was also able to get a domain from him. All thanks to Glo Cyber.

  4. PNG Green

    Hi there, i have a lot of data (currently in a database) and I want to show it on graphs on a web site while being able to write a bit next to them. How should I proceed?

  5. Mr. Chips Draws!

    Not what I was looking for, because I was aiming for tips on a professional website for my business, but still watched it till the end and learned a lot. Thanks.

  6. MsCankersore

    How do they make money from just writing. Who's paying you for what, writing?

  7. Sophia

    For all the overthinkers, this is an excellent video. Thanks for sharing your experiences and also assuring us of the things we DON'T need to worry about when we're starting out!

  8. TheBryanByrnes

    What platform would be best for a CRM based website? Something with lots of capabilities and options.. or at least able to host a download link to a crm

  9. Xena

    "Takes 5-10 minutes to set up" 😂 I wish

  10. டே முட்டாள் க*** நீ கொடுக்கிற ஐடியா வால டெபிட் கார்டு நம்பர் கேட்டு கிரெடிட் கார்டு நம்பர் கேக்குறான் அதைக் கேட்டவுடனே otp வரும் சொல்லுங்கடா பணத்தை எடுத்துட்டு போய் விடுவான் கிறுக்கு பய பெத்த புள்ளைய தப்பா ஐடியா கொடுக்காத

  11. Ira Essick

    so good infor. thx and funny very entertaining not boring like others.

  12. kaz

    I collect haunted dolls was thinking making website on them thank for information on this I look In to doing it

  13. evie

    this channel has taught me more useful things than school has

  14. David Blaise Ross

    I created a site on ghost before realizing that it's not a "website" publisher in the generic sense, it is a blogging platform. And in my anxiousness to create that site I paid for a year, which seemed to be necessary to setup my (already owned) primary domain name. As I researched how to do basic things on it that you may need if you want to to anything other than blog, it becomes apparent that Ghost is a pure blogging site builder. You can do other things with it, but not without more advanced skill, and there are technical limitations under the hood that limit the potential for other uses.

  15. Sjoerd Assenberg

    I don't remember how I got here but I'm gonna like this video just because the video is well put together and nice to listen to (good music, nice talking, added chapters).

  16. Derrick Pham

    great stuff brother i like ur positive outlook

  17. Noe Farias

    I’m a real estate agent, is it possible to add something to allow for people to book an appointment?

  18. Jonny Makers

    The problem with Squarespace is that if you have an existing web domain now you have to transfer the DNS to Squarespace so they can now host and it is dog slow.. and what about security?

  19. Jonny Makers

    all of these so-called apps for creating a website are non-intuitive abstract poorly written garbage. I guess the new website creation tools will just have 3-pixel dots in the middle of the screen and are done.

  20. Lukáš Kovalič

    actually nothing about how to build a website….just too much talk

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