How Can Pakistan Compete India | India Vs Pakistan | Pakistani Public Reactions | Sohaib Chaudhary

How Can Pakistan Compete India | India Vs Pakistan | Pakistani Public Reactions | Sohaib Chaudhary
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In this video I will ask question to Pakistani people that How can pakistan compete India? How can pakistan grow? How pakistan can become good country? Let’s see what pakistani think about it. This video is to aware Pakistani and also a good and positive message to India from Pakistan .
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I am trying to aware my people through my videos like other youtubers of Pakistan and India also like sana amjad, ribaha imran, syed muzamil, dd react, parshant dhawan.


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  1. Hi TeamBravo 😍. Instagram py Follow kryn owr dm may topics suggest kryn.. Instagram link discription may mojod ha…
    Thanks for your love✌️🎉

  2. Great Monk

    I would request to change your intrdoductory music video.. Keep it something sober.. That will look great…

  3. rahul godara

    Not even a single religion teach you wrong things , it’s depend on people how they react behave in front of society. The main reason for Pakistan to be considered as a terrorist, shameful country is because of their leadership and some idiots because they have blind faith in people who give importance to terrorism in the name of allah and became a disease to humanity . Proud to be Indian 🇮🇳 . Hope in future Pakistan think about it

  4. anuj raj

    One of most reputable Pakistani youtuber

  5. Vivoy20

    Chaalo manna tho sahi

  6. ZakHaydos

    Sunnat are Seerat ki taleemat pe amal karke Europe, America aur Western Countries …. even China kahaan se kahaan chala gaya …. Aur Ummat ki koi bhi mulk mazhab leke; sunnat aur seerat leke kahin na pahuncch saka…. waah re mussalman … waah re pakistani ….
    Islam hi saari jarayim aur fasaad ki jadd hai !! Islam kabhi kisi mulk ya insaan ko tarakki karne nahin dega !!

  7. Rajdeep Vartak

    Talent toh bahot hai pakistan mai,
    Lekin dikhata koi nahi hai,
    Sab log chupa ke rakhte hai 😂😂🙉🙉

  8. Hiren Goswami

    Pakistan valo apne pyare dost china se hi ghehu mang lo apne dushman india se kyu bhikh mang rahe ho

  9. Vikash Bhowmik

    Pakistan can develop itself by following Taliban, ISIS

  10. ajaykumar majhi

    Sohaib bhai my first and foremost suggestion is pakistan should follow Bangladesh. Pakistani should make Bangladesh their role model which became independent in 1971. If u become efficient and much ahead of Nepal and Bangladesh economy, then only u can compete with INDIA. Day dreaming will not achieve anything

  11. इस्लाम बनावटी है , और हर बनावटी चीज शुरू में ठीक और बाद में कष्टदाईं होती है ।👍
    विश्व शांति के लिए इस्लाम का अंत आवश्यक है 🚩

  12. Deejay Ryen

    The biggest difference between India in Pakistan is…

    When you walk on street in India and ask questions about China.. They won't talk about Hinduism, Lord Ram or say Jay shree Ram every minute. Being 80% Hindu majority.

    Whereas… When you ask Pakistanis about any topic.. They Bring Islam, Allah, etc etc etc.

    On every Pakistan public review channel you will see comments like… "Inshallah, mashallah.." By Indians because we find it funny.

  13. Deejay Ryen

    Problem with Pakistan is they bring Islam into everything. Their books are based on religion, they day to day life has islamic fanatism. Even their top elites preach hate to Indians and Hindus.. People like Afridi, Waqar Younis.. Openly propogate hate towards hindus.

    Pakistanis have identity crisis. They do not know who they are.. Even if they know they are in delusion. The only agenda of Pakistani govt is Kashmir. Whole politics of Pakistan is based on Kashmir. The day pakistanis realise truth it will be too late.

    Remember Afghanistan once was a prosperous west like country where girls wore swim suits. Look what Islam and Sharia has done to it. Pakistan is not too far.

    In India we give importance to education and growth more than religion. We first teach our kids maths and letters.. And religion later. Whereas in Pakistan probably kids learn Kafir, Jihad and what not.

    We indians are proud of our culture and our roots, but we also know that to rule the world we need to focus on our rich history of education and innovation.

  14. Good bro nice🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  15. Bhai sigaret pinewala jahil bahut hi jahil tha😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  16. Amit Nagar

    Bhai topic ache h apke….lekin jin logo se ap puchte ho agr wo galat bolte h to unhe toko unko clear kro unhe right information do tb awareness ayegi…..apki itni video dekhi h ap question puchte ho lekin jb koi glt bolta h to use correct ni krte sbko correct kro right information do sbko ni maane to internet par dikhao unko information right do puri tab dimg khulega inka wrna video banate raho kuch ni hoga


    Work hard. Think a lot. Improve your skills and knowledge so you can work
    smart Fill you thoughts with positivity. Believe in a higher power to keep your hopes and optimism alive. There is a GOD in you. It is called conscience always listen to it.🥳🥳😊😊👍
    Dont call Hindus or Jews " kaffur* 😊😊😊🥳😊

  18. SRIJAI...

    Genuine channel… Good luck my friend

  19. Prajna R

    Please do a video about interviewing Pakistani people who say "Hum Musalman Hai " "Islami Riyasat " ask them in their daily life how many
    Hindus /Sikhs/Christian/Buddhists /Parsis /Jews / Hippies etc., they have met in their life time and ask them the reason why if they have not met anyone . It would be really fun to watch uneducated /uninformed views of "Pak" people about "NaPak " people .

    If Pakistan is "Musalman Mulk " then why they are expecting other Kafir countries to help them ? Why cannot they help themselves with Allah's grace ??
    Why do they take aid/Grants from America they hate so much ??

    You guys should use Donkey for transport and live minimal life according to your Holy Book and Sunnat. Otherwise you guys are not " Musalman " because you guys are not following the prophets life style .

  20. hemant markenday

    hum musalman he hum musalman he bhaijaan India me 35 cr Muslim community he lekin Indian Muslim khabhi kisi social media pr ye nahi kahega hum musalman hum musalman he aapki pehchan aapka mulk he Indian people sirf yahi kahegi a im Indian

  21. akash Sahu

    Guyss 1 baat dyan rakho har dharm apne aap mai 1 trap he…dharam actually matlab the Law of universe he baaki sab ye dharam isaan no ne aapne faide ke liye banaya hua he ye bohot baadi saachai he guyss…

  22. Hi shihb india ke top 5 muslim business man ka video
    Banao spceily azerm pram je jo india k 3rd rechest person h
    Aapke aabaam ko batao ke india k mushalman kaahe rahte h

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