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Why don’t you have a website? I think EVERYONE needs a website, especially if you are trying to get a job in information technology!! Not convinced?? In this video, I give you my top 3 reasons why you need a website and I’ll show you how to build a website for free.

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0:00 ⏩ Intro
1:14 ⏩ WHY do you need a website?
1:20 ⏩ #1 – STAND OUT!
2:50 ⏩ #2 – MAKE a difference
3:50 ⏩ #3 – Create opportunities
12:45 ⏩ EXAMPLE websites (inspo)



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  1. harry reyes

    How to re open again the website if you want to open in another laptop or PC?

  2. DaReal Soumya

    I just convinced my friend,. We are gonna b hosting a shared website, Or get our free, Eventually upgrade as he has an entertainment niche and I'm into business but yes,. I have learned some stuff in the last few days which would stay with me till the rest of my life.
    U never know what helps whom, U just gotta share, Quite right. I'd rather double watch your videos than a song which wastes my time

  3. iian

    ima web dev : )

  4. I followed this tutorial, created a website, and 5 minutes later, it's been flagged as a deceptive website.

    I deleted it and recreated it again and it still happens immediately.

    How do i stop this?

  5. FBI 007

    is it possible to use html ccs js on here ?

  6. Justin Wilson

    Just be aware that Hostinger does sell your information to third parties before considering their services to create a website. Since signing up I keep getting spam calls, even after denying their services, from companies that want to help design my website.

  7. Dasiatic King

    I did everthing you said I end purchase 3 domains trying to get it to work???

  8. elbunker

    now im looking at my mirror thinking….heck..i dont "want" a website….I "NEED" WEBSITE,

  9. Daniel Ligairi

    Thanks Chuck 😊 getting on this right away… its been long overdue

  10. mychal dudley

    Got a lot of good information on creating my own website thanks

  11. amy pascual

    I just started to watch your videos a few days ago and you inspired me to learn more. Thanks! Really needed to hear the pep talk!

  12. Mohammed Issam

    what should i do if i want to hardcoded my website not using tools just testing my code not commercial use for presentation also. does it have a cpanel you know the place where i put my source code and DB if it does ,then what the hack was i doing.

    and do i have the permission to link many "free" domains ?
    o i see i can upload my own . thanks man

  13. Mary Ward

    Thanks for create this video.

  14. true lies

    its free to create but pay to publish

  15. Nelson NDOLO

    super cool really like your staffs you are a mentor for anyone who has passion in the computing world

  16. noemt.

    what do we not need right now??!?!

  17. David Granger

    I'm living in the European Union. It's not that easy.

  18. michal roesler

    hack the youtube algorithm… … ethically of course 🙂

  19. Streaming Family

    Good Day Chuck… How do I make a website like Netflix or YouTube

  20. Jorge Perez

    you’re amazing. i just started watching your videos and the way you explain it’s amazing. we all appreciate the way you motivate us every time you make a new video, thank you for all that you do. a blessed day to you and your family

  21. Santiago Amaya

    Thanks. I buyed a domain but didn't have money for web hosting. This really helped a lot

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