Gravitas: US commission seeks sanctions on India

A US commission on religious freedoms is asking the State Department to list India as a ‘country of particular concern’. The commission is also seeking targeted sanctions on India. But the 100-page report makes no mention of rising hate crimes in the US. Palki Sharma Upadhyay tells you more.

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This Post Has 45 Comments

  1. Margot Hilaire

    The World needs to take an example on India. Muslims are only nice while they want. However, if they become self-sufficient they wriggle and Push the natives of each country out. They are in to owning the World and overrun every country they can. BEVARE !!!! wake up !

  2. Idsel Seno

    US foreign policy in a nutshell, "If you are not with us, you are against us."

  3. Not the Beaver

    Yeah, in 2022 the current administration is… problematic…sorry…

  4. Madhav Kale

    This Commission on religious freedom is a joke. No one should take it seriously ; Certainly not India, which has more diverse ethnic and religious groups than any place on earth. And they have been living together peacefully for thousands of years.

  5. First last

    Some how ya there is partially🥱

  6. First last

    Some how ya there is partially🥱

  7. Benz

    Viewers desperate to see more new faces as Good as Palki on WION news.
    We are superbored of having chicken biriyani all the time😃

  8. Hulagu Khan

    India US relationship was best under Trump and are worst under Biden. Do you think it was right decision to vote him ?

  9. Abin S

    Obviously US have no right to lecture India on human rights, but that doesn't mean that there is no human rights violation happening here in India. Recently there has been an encroachment to muslim culture and targeted hate speech and violence on muslims by some extremists, and this cannot be blindfolded. Even political leaders call for such violence and our ruling party blind eye these for some pity votes.

  10. Layla Ali

    Denial is a disease India has serious problem with religious discrimination since modi and his extremists hindudva came to power no matter how you try to hide it.

  11. Tello Doroteo

    India should should do the right thing and gets its fuel exclusively from Russia

  12. No wonder USCIRF is alleged to get its funding from ISI. Highest Inflation in US, rising gas prices, and a President who handshakes with invisible people, this is what happens when one Country only pokes its nose in other Country's affairs.

  13. Dave Stanton

    INDIA SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF HINDU EXTREMISM, instead of attempting to justify it.

  14. Andrew Neaves

    Religion has nothing to do with spirituality. And with the ongoing research it will be difficult for these countries to accept THE reality. Which maybe, you don’t even know Palki.

  15. ahhong chua

    Palky, India has been fighting over religion for decades and nothing can be done about it

  16. Charles Ferdinand

    Kashmir, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Aksai Chin and Maldives all rightfully belong to India and will inevitably be reincorporated into India.

    Love and regards to all Indian patriots from Mexico!

  17. Kucutooms

    Pot calling Kettle black………Pot is America while the Kettle is everyone else……

  18. I T么C H I

    Any American citizen here?
    Tell me, by selling nuclear weapon to a nation like pakistan, killing innocent people in afghanistan & iran in the name of peace. doing drone strikes killing 7000 innocent citizens. And your nation talk about peace?
    Your society is full of racist, mostly white classed society and your government talk about human rights & democracy and yet your media don’t show all these stuff why?
    Is that what you called democracy, right to information, speech, religion?
    Moreover isnt biden a old dumb geaser who physically harrest women in the name of mutual friendship…?

  19. Thank you America for pointing out. Keep up the good work and support minorities at india.

  20. Richard Dunwell

    70yrs back my family moved down to India from Burma they live happily and here hindu Christians live with love. We celebrate Diwali Holi and they celebrate Christmas with us, I can bet india is the only country who could give this much of love and affection ❣️❣️❣️

  21. Rick A

    I don't hear anything about Israel. The worst offender of human rights after China.


    Lol 😆 the kingdom of HYPOCRISY
    I believe Lord Jesus teaching was never that ways.

  23. Global citizen

    The real pain for US is from obstacles to terror funding. US is complaining that India has made it difficult for them to fund insurgency via Churches.

  24. gempicks

    pls read as…..India area 3.2 million sq km.

  25. Diwakar Dhakal

    The exception is the commenter than the newscaster!!

  26. Lawrence Richards

    US has a history of denying building Hindu Temples and Muslim Mosque.

  27. Nawagamuwa Nish

    US government run by bunch of lunatics and terrorists.

  28. Ajose Meg

    Trump loved India but wion hates India even you the presenter always mocked trump.
    So now you have Biden, deal with it

  29. Dev

    Strong words and bold reporting. As usual, Ms.Upadhyay gets to the root and reports without forgetting the basics. Kudos.

  30. Yang Jianguo

    IMO, US believes in adopting an aggressive dominant posture in dealing with the other party (either strategic partner, strategic competitor or enemy) by putting the other party on the reactive defensive mode ……. it worked well for US in the last 2 centuries but I don't think so in the 21st century and beyond.

  31. Shahid Noor

    But lady, US society enjoys huge freedom. Just putting up stats. does not justify your arguement. The US, and the West have certainly lots of pitfalls but their societies have immense freedom of expression, which is far fetched in most of the countries.

  32. Pranayam Dev

    Watch MNSBC where rana ayub criticising india. Read how hindu hacked to death for marrying muslim girl in india this week.

  33. I have high regards to Palki sharma. However, these sort of reports ignoring the recent incidents of discrimination, gives an evidence of india's biased media communication. Arnab Goswami is the previous example in this stride, now it is Palki. It is for certain that people would lose trust in indian media further. It is sad.

  34. sai charan

    Black lifes matter was started in India as per America. Americans are igniting wars in the world..

  35. Xavier Xander

    Every road leads to pakistan wow. stop crying 😂😂

  36. Mohamed Khalif

    Never shy away from telling the the Truth even if its your country that is doing atrocities. Today you have closed your two eyes deliberately and knowingly in the name of defending your country to show your patriotism . My dear sharma u have lied to us openly on this …hindu nationalist agenda thru their BJP party with the help of government of the day are terrorizing the minority religious groups in order to instill fear to the masses so that they are voted in again. But every body who is of a sober mind can tell you that india is at wrong in unfairly treating its own ethnic religious minorities especially Muslims ,their goal is to stop other religions to grow or to be popular or to overtake hindu religion. So America and the world is not blind on what is happening in India …plz advocate for peace and educate the world on harmony , living together as brothers and sisters especially india .
    Love for wion channel.

  37. Mahindra

    As a Christian, am proud to be an Indian. It's home to more than 2000+ethnic group. 20% of the world's population lives here in Harmony. America has no right to preach the world. It's India's time, now.

  38. Mahindra

    I'm a Christian, and have my freedom for everything in India, be it expression, religion.
    US, is an enemy of India, and nobody is asking for their opinion

  39. tony blair

    As an indian muslim,,, i confirm this this,,, last 10 years conditions not same as it was,,,don't you see the riots, online hate, hate speech against muslim everyday,, boycotting small muslim vendors,,, really sad when people like you defend it,,,

  40. Jann Lee

    India press freedom index 2022.
    150 out of 180 countries really poor score.

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