How to do Marketing for Business in Tamil | Marketing Strategies

In this video S Saravanan speaks How to do Marketing for Business. It will help you to know what is marketing and how to implement in business.

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  1. Arun Kannan

    Super Saravanan sir – waiting for more videos on social media marketing. Thank you

  2. Siva Dhayalanath

    வணக்கம் அய்யா நான் அஜித் உங்களுடயா காணொளிகள் மிக அருமையாக உள்ளது எனக்கு இரு சந்தேகங்கள் உள்ளது தயவு செய்து கூறுங்கள் ஒன்று ஒரு தொழில் அதிபருக்கு நூறு கிளைகள் இருந்தால் அவர் அந்த நூறு கிளைய்கலயும் எவ்வாறு கை ஆழ்வார்

  3. Yuvan Lakshman

    அருமையான பதிவு சார்😊👌😻


    what is the resources for the vedio bro I am learning marketing so it will be healful

  5. Pragadeesh G

    Sir website la work panrangala sir yappadi marketing panrathu

  6. Sir Nan recharge software services provid pana pora sir ithuku entha mathiri marketing strategy use agum sir without investment sir..


    Garland shop ku development ideas erutha sollungga anna

  8. noob Gaming

    Anna country chicken marketing tips plz kunjum salangai anna
    My name :
    From :

  9. Akki

    Reaile good advise sir s special Facebook

  10. Dhileepan M

    Sir, Give me ideas to start business but low capital?

  11. Dear Sir,

    Your videos are really helpful for many of us.

    Few Suggestions:
    1. Avoid repeated words
    2. Avoid lengthy sentence
    3. Cut down to the straight point

    Thank you

  12. Victoria Angel

    Tq sir na ippo than new va buisness start pannirukken onga video va intha timela parthathill magillchi🙏

  13. 2H4

    How to do internship in marketting sir

  14. Saravana Kumar GM

    Sir oru buisness epdi World level aa eduthutu ponum because tamilnadu la irunthu avlo va entha companies um global aa ila

  15. Mani Kandan

    Super saravanan sir plz share ur numbee plz

  16. My Recipe Notes

    I understand what you are saying … but I do not know how to popularize my YouTube cooking channel …
    I have uploaded 190 videos …. The channel debuted a year ago … Not getting proper recognition … What to do …. In if anyone reading the comment seems to have something to say to you …. thank you….
    @My Recipe [email protected]
    Subscribe and supporting me….

  17. Kavin .M

    Sir oru dought ean epavume padichavangalu velai kidaikamatikithu @ velai kidaikarathuku Enna pannanum

  18. Anna super. Na oru wedding flower Garland shop vashuruk . Ethuku market epdi panrathu nu sollu ga anna please

  19. Razeem Mohamed

    Thank you so much for your videos sir
    I have some questions can you contact via WhatsApp?

  20. Bala Murugan

    Heading kum neenga pesuvatharkkum sammanthamay ella

  21. Mani Mani

    Depthna yepadi sir erakurathu

  22. Mani Mani

    Chit companyla work panren sir Na enoda growth pana tips kuduga sir

  23. Very useful
    I from Sri Lanka
    Please upload special videos for Sri Lanka about Marketing


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