Is the market bottom near? | Is it time to buy? | CA Rachana Ranade

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  1. Prasanta

    LTTS: Insider recently sold ₹2.0m worth of stock

    On the 4th of May, Seema Ghanekar sold around 500 shares on-market at roughly ₹3,934 per share. In the last 3 months, there was an even bigger sale from another insider worth ₹35m. Insiders have been net sellers, collectively disposing of ₹1.3b more than they bought in the last 12 months.

  2. Olive Bennett

    Guess what the most likely outcome is when the stock market hits a new high? More highs! By waiting, you miss out on more gains

  3. Sky Sharma

    People getting angry over Rachana and Akshat type YouTubers…they dont make quick money from stock market.. they earn via views, promotion and courses. In market they have a lot of patience and stay invested for long

  4. Ella Robert

    The Market have been suffering over the past month, with all the three indexes recording losses in recent weeks. My $400,000 portfolio is down by approximately 20%, any recommendations to scale up my returns before retirement will be highly appreciated.


    U can buy good nifty stock at discounted price. Why u r Reccomenting these stocks

  6. Troy heros

    It's easy to make a trend line on the chart, there are hundreds of support and resistance in the different time frames from different methods but when it comes to executing a trade with own capital it takes courage to trade and accept when it fails to do. That's why technical analysis is just 20% of the whole trade setup. That's also why 95% of people lose money in stock trading. Nowadays everybody is an expert in the stock market but its human nature where opportunity exists to cease or trap the innocent consumer, and everyone gives a shot. stock market itself is a far far better place to learn than from these so called youtube experts and those who dont know how to do it just invest in index fund or mutual fund.

  7. Jane Jackson


  8. Dipak Roy

    Mam, agar koi dividend mutual fund ma paisa laga ta hai. To jo mutual fund company share khrit ta hai us ma sa milna bal dividend ko kya karta hai? or kasa investor ko mil ta hai?…

  9. Mohsin Munna

    Ye hosla kyse jhuke .. ye aarzoo kyse jhuke … 😍😍

  10. S P

    Begger fr likes 😏

  11. rashmi shukla

    Mam you buy some stock like Airtel yesterday but acc to your t.a. there is no sign of buy so why you buy these stock

  12. Bijay Kumar

    Aap Hindi me batay taki bahut logo ko samajh aye.
    Jaise Mai ……??????

  13. vinod kumar

    Stocks she is going to invest
    1. Affle
    2. Alkyl Amines
    3. Airtel
    4. LTTS

  14. Aditya agarwal

    The best strategy to use in trading crypto is to trade with a professional who understands the market quite well, that way maximum profit is guaranteed. Because i have learnt along the way of my investment that research and analysis are important, note that experience is more needed than luck when it comes to the crypto market.

  15. A P

    Technical analysis is bullshit. Once a support is broken, these people will draw another line below it and they keep doing it LOL MARKET DOESNT CARE about your idiotic lines

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