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This is the Animated CompTIA Network+ Certification Training Video Course N10-006 from PowerCert.

Topics Include:
Intro: 00:00
Topologies: 00:08
Connectors: 7:49
Cable Standards: 15:50
Firewalls: 23:35
Wiring Standards: 30:38
Media Types: 34:03
Network Components: 39:26
Wireless Technologies: 51:32
MAC Address: 54:07
OSI Model: 55:30
IP Address: 59:46
Subnetting: 1:46:09
IP Addressing Methods: 1:16:56
TCP/IP Protocol Suites: 1:24:38
Ports: 1:37:30
Networking Services: 1:35:55
Routing Protocols: 1:47:36
WAN Technologies: 1:55:55
Network Types: 2:06:58
Remote Access Protocols & Services: 2:12:09
Authentication Protocols: 2:19:34
Networking Tools & Safety: 2:23:03
Cloud & Virtualization: 2:35:04
Wiring Distribution: 2:45:24
VLAN & Intranet / Extranet: 2:49:44
Optimization & Fault Tolerance: 2:52:34
Security Protocols: 3:03:45
SOHO Routers: 3:07:26
Network Utilities: 3:19:22
Networking Issues: 3:32:13
Troubleshooting Steps: 3:41:52

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  1. Ron

    Good overview. This has been very effective for me.

  2. Ritgar001

    2016 a bit outdated for today's exam isn't it?

  3. AustinOP

    yo how the fuck am i supposed to remember all this. there aint no way im pasing this ahahahah

  4. AustinOP


  5. Jel

    This is a very good overview, but do you think you could do an updated one sometime please?

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  7. Luis González

    Thank you for your amazing work! This video help me a lot to understand some missing concepts and reinforced the ones I already knew.

  8. sanyiampoi⚽️

    I need not to go to school.This is my ultimate school guide,my home

  9. Anthony Thudium

    Watching this in preparation for my Security+. Skipping A+ (I know I'm a bad boy).

  10. Michael Monelli

    This content is amazing. I already have my Net+ but like to keep my brain refreshed. I like the way you explain things

  11. Lian Baite

    been subscribing to this channel for some time. this is the best IT channel I've come across.
    contents a pure treasure, no ambiguity which I value. i have a request though..
    can you do a revised edition of this video since new technologies have sprung up like wifi 6 (ax)

  12. binama theophilus

    This designer of this tutorial is a genius. Everything is simplified and condensed for easy understanding. I owe you gratitude that can't be expressed in words. Thanks very much.

  13. stuff and thangs

    Is any of this information still relevant for n10-008 since this exam was retired? I wanted to study this because its more simplified but dont want to study outdated info. Please respond and let me know @powercertanimatedvideos

  14. Reirek

    this guy sound like dailydoseofinternet frfr

  15. DeityBnB

    I am confused on subnetting portion. All other information regarding number of subnetworks being made when borrowing bits does not show needing subtracting two. So 3 bits would be 8 and 4 would be 16 and so on.. is the subtracting two suppose to be regarding supported hosts?

  16. Sabina Hasanova

    You are genius and we all appreciate what you do! Thank you so much!

  17. Cecilia Kuo

    So media types are different cables , am I right?

  18. 0600hrs Gaming

    Sir! You just earned yourself another subscriber, thank you for this animated lesson on networking

  19. Hassan Said

    Thank you for all your animated videos. I followed you and your videos are very clear to understand.

    I would like to ask you if you could also organize videos lessons on Cyber Security+? I would appreciate you that much !

    Thank you !

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