New Sri Lanka PM is all praise for Modi govt; How India’s assistance is helping island nation

Just hours after taking oath as Sri Lanka’s new Prime Minister, Ranil Wickremesinghe visited a temple and was quoted by ANI as saying thank you to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for economic aid provided by India to the island nation amid an unprecedented economic crisis. On his day 1 of assuming the post, Wickremesinghe also called upon the Indian HIgh Commissioner to Sri Lanka. India has also managed to help Sri Lanka get some $4 billion loan package from the IMF. Since January, India has been providing humanitarian assistance to Sri Lanka. Find out how India has helped Sri Lanka so far. Watch this video.

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  1. Most Sri Lankans who have migrated to India have no respect for India…. But they dont leave a chance to use India…. What a shame!!! India as usual is sympathetic and helpful to these losers…. Karma pays back!! Proud of Modi ji as always

  2. Sanjay Pandey

    Everything is fine but what about growing prices of fuels, gas and high GST on stuffs in India. I really liked BJP at first but i think no more.

  3. Gautham Prabhu

    Srilanka should ask money from China after all you asking money that too from a close friend hardly you asking for alms. Chinese money is kiss of death.

  4. Shekar Lakshman

    But china dumped them , but one advice to my p m sir , get control of Sri Lanka , so that pakistan. And china cannot surround us future .

  5. bala raman

    Hope the new Sri Lanka government don't ever play the racial cards anymore…! otherwise no one in the world could help Sri Lanka to recover…be a human first before talking about race and religion…!?? 😎😎

  6. Ganapati Sastry

    Sri Lankan Tamils must be treated very well and srilankan must take every step for their welfare and prosperity.

  7. Jalgaon Dance

    No world religion can bring peace to world community… except Buddha and His teaching..!! Buddha teaches Self Defence first too..!! Sri Lankan community is strong and United to fight wrongful, unworthy, untrustworthy Govt..! Excellent job by Sri Lankan Community, people..!
    Sri Lankan PM secretly ran way aftet putting the country in termoil…!
    आठ वर्ष मे भारत की लोकशाही/लोकसभा एक हिंदू राष्ट्र के नाम पर Dead House मे तबदील कर डाली है..!!
    अब मोदी की बारी है जो अपनी झोली उठकर 10 जनपथ बंगलो की सुरुंग वाले रस्ते से सफदरजंग हवाई अड्डा पहुचेगा..! इसी लिये यह रास्ता पहले ही पांच वर्ष मे निती आयोग से मंजूर किया गया..! मोदी की "मन की बात" याने rss की किताब Bunch of (Dirty) Thoughts..!
    अंध भक्त के समझ के बाहर है..!
    _मोदी है तो मुमकिन है..!

  8. Jennifer Joseph

    Don’ worry Modi , we have the same mentality.👏😂

  9. Satya Ranjan

    Hm ye srilankan chor hoye hai inko bass lone chahiye india say

  10. Mama

    India is surrounded by ungrateful nations.Intimes of distress they seek our help and back China when tide is in their favor .

  11. Ferry Sampatti

    I hope that if I have the ability, I will pay off the debt of the state

  12. Bishwa Parida

    Very Good step from India.. Thank you Modi Ji.

  13. Wow… Indian is helping a island natuon which kills there fishermen .. helping is not wrong… but force the srilanka to stop attack on their fishermen's and if they don't punish them..

  14. bitu barman

    This is Srilanka who helped Pakistan providing it's port and air base during 1971 war.

  15. Anil Seth

    India wants good of Sri Lanka and its people. India has always supported its neighbors but do not do bad to India

  16. NaveeN N

    These thanks upon thanks may be strategy to avoid India from taking any advantage of the present crisis, but ….

  17. B R

    How long will it take THIS TIME before Sri Lanka returns to its anti India ways again?

  18. Mahadev Muchandi

    Former srilankan prime minister loved China but Indian people's are loving srilankan people's 🙏🙏

  19. sanju

    Once everything is ok, these same politicians will sell themselves to China.

  20. joaquim silveira

    Modi Shah have already bought all the ammunition to run away from India like jets, planes and 600 crores mansion in UK if srilanka type situation arises, who will suffer most is the 5 Rupee andha bhakt living on bread crumbs bjp

  21. Sumit Sharma

    Ye BHARAT hai…chote DESH ise halke me na le..mitrata banaye rakhhe ise me chote desho ki bhalai hai..JAI HIND🚩🇮🇳🐅💪😍🙏

  22. joaquim silveira

    Where ever he goes we disaster and disasters the best option is not to take him ..trump, nethanyahu etc.etc

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