Raj Stays Cool To Guide India Home | India vs Pakistan | Women's #WT20 2018 – Highlights

India came out on top in a much-awaited match against Pakistan, as the experienced Mithali Raj calmly piloted the chase in Guyana


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  1. Suraj Gaming


  2. Sharad

    Indian female cricket team defeated Pakistan team in women world cup, win or lose is part of the game but real game starts now….👇

    Valvala jaljala indian team crushed rivayti haneef pakistan and Sheikh (chilli) Rashid's Alam-e-Islam once again …. Just inform him 😂

  3. Gautam Jaiswal GJ

    Please bcci atlaest one tournament held for Indian women team, 😘😘just like ipl ❤️

  4. Sujal Sujal

    I Inzamam ul Hak got goosebumps when 2nd and 3rd wickets gone😂😂

  5. Mohan S

    Fyi jfy oh fyi if fhh k gfj j hhj j oh fig Fu if fj ki yt dry if DG Ch HG w say JJ gf fhh if ru j bff Fu jk gfj kg fhh if Fu if ft TJ jfy uh jfy Fu j gf the uh ft yh HG ft yh Ty JJ gf tub TD ft TV fhh high jk kg fhh k kgu j gf hi HG Fu kgu it ft JH fhh j Fu if Fu if gift dw we Ty uh ft h ft Tu ygy Ty YG ft hi kg Fu j Fu if Fu if ft!

  6. DeepWrath

    god bless 🇮🇳🇮🇳🙏🙏❤️❤️

  7. Sayan Kar

    When you realise Pakistan's women jersey design was also used by that of men's …

  8. Laxmi G

    Please give me hall of fame sourav ganguly icc

  9. civil_tof0

    Good Play To Both Teams @UC_M3-NdWnk3SwP52NASQcFg

  10. Crashed TV

    Bro I’m watching this match and idk what I’m watching😂😂😂. Only Mens cricket is the best

  11. Austen

    what a game😂😂😂

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