How Aman Gupta's MARKETING STRATEGY turned Boat into a 1500CR Company : Business case study

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Aman Gupta’s Internet Prize earns a ton of trivia as Shark Tank India debuts on Sony TV this week. Aman Gupta is undoubtedly one of the sharks of Shark Tank India and impresses viewers with his good offerings and charisma.Aman Gupta is the co-founder and Marketing Director of boAt.
boAt is one of the number one headset equipment models in India and today we discuss how it got there! boAt has got an astonishing collection of earphones, earbuds, headphones, and wireless speakers that stands apart due to the quality, affordability, and world-class designs that the company offers. Founded in 2016, boAt is hailed as India’s no. 1 earwear audio brand. The company allows users to experience both spirit and energy at the same time. boAt has been dubbed as the 5th largest wearables brand globally since December 2020. Lets understand why?

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  1. Bhanu Rajj

    I was big fan of Mr Aman Gupta I was harrestment by boat team # Sonia chinna

  2. Sristi Uts

    Mivi has carry and bb as their brand ambassadors because their fanbase is mostly teenagers and so is the majority of customer base of wireless hearables

  3. Rehan Siddiqui

    I'm listening to this with boat airdopes 441 🤣🤣

  4. kturst s

    press like button in order to make WHOM happy??? qtbaba?? i was never able to interpret what he was saying.

  5. Zaira

    Boat growth is due to advertisment in ipl and by cricketrs which influences more indian to bye boat and when they search on products in amazon and flipkart price makes them easy to afford. Even a middle class easily affrd a speakers , wireless earn who contribute more on market

  6. Way To Gyaan

    BhaiHindi bole ne mein kya sharam aati hai kya
    Ki English bolne mein garva hota hai

  7. Mayank Kapri

    Boat comes at right time and hit exactly where they have to, the teen-youth section, 18-30 yrs generations so to speak, and endoring with big celebrity give them more edge to there competitors, and the main thing in there success is quality and looks of earphones, you see nowadays they start making headphones with marvel characters paint on it, that's what attracts more ppls now, thought it's Lil costly compare to there other products, but alot of ppl gonna buy that, cuz marvel fanbase is insane in india. In today's date Boat is really the gundaa of market.

  8. shreya verma

    Amazing content !! Keep going ! You deserve more subscribers!!

  9. Siddharth Iyer

    Boat is doing the same with wireless chargers as well…..While most wireless chargers are priced 3500+,Boat floatpad begins at 1000rupees and with the coupon code comes down to 900 rupees

  10. surendra

    But we can't say that this much sales are generated by advertisment

  11. Ayush

    Watching this video with bassheads 220

  12. Talha khan

    Watching with boat earphone 😅😬

  13. Extraexplorer

    I will choose mivi over boat if I had to choose one based on brand endorsement.

  14. Akib Jarid

    Yes celebrity do leave a great impact


    Mivi was endorsed by non other than mr Virat Kohli which is by far a bigger name as compared to hardik pandiya

  16. Shibtanu Biswas

    Bought one plus phones till they shifted to color os. :/Have no idea who hardik pandya is though. 😂😂

  17. Naini K

    BOAT is using cheap Chinese items to assemble products

  18. The Trs

    Speaking of celebrity endorsements, I would give a lot of weightage to the celebrity the brand is choosing to be endorsed by and I would judge them by that if there is an equivalent product.
    I couldn't care less if a cricketer endorses earphones or insurance.

  19. shera

    Carry and BB have loyal fans
    Hardik pandiya also have

    But I think both are delivering different things

    BB and carry are providing not that much of premium feeling because they are life our family but they are delivering loyalty that the product is really good

    Hardik and other stars providing premium feeling but the loyalty isn't great

    Boat also should invest of YouTubers
    And aman Gupta's fan following is huge now so he should produce content little bit
    But boat should focus on loyalty + premium feeling

  20. J B T

    Hi brother… Can you please make web hosting business related video…🙏 I have been searching about this but i didn't got any video till date. Its an request if you can

  21. Saikiran Dontula

    I'd like to disagree with RDJ adding value to OnePlus Sales. OnePlus has built itself over the years by providing value for the price in 25k-55k segment. compared to its competitors. I think word of mouth has been a key success to one plus. All the tech enthusiasts have spread the word and Amazon's advertising too helped them wherein they sold these phones exclusively with an Invite.

  22. Irma Lair

    And here I am choosing to buy boat products just because of package design🤣

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