बाजार में चल क्या रहा है?🔴 क्यों रोज Stock Market CRASH हो रहा है?🔴 Why Nifty Sensex Down daily SMKC

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DISCLAIMER : This video only for education and knowledge purpose Before taking any decision plz once consult with your financial advisor or do your own research. The channel would not be responsible for any financial gain as well as for losses. I am not SEBI registered .

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  1. Delhi Food lover

    I m in loss of 3 Lakh Is it recover when i will not withdraw pls Reply

  2. mumtaz ahmad

    Bewaqoof aadmi. Crude oil ka dam badh gaya to tax kam kardo. Daam balance ho jayega. Tax nahi kam kia to sarkar ko jo tax 70 dollar pe milta tha ab 140npar sarkar ka aamdani bhi double hojayega. Sarkar to bahut ameer hobjayegi. Fir election me paisa zyada kharch karenge neta. Imandari se bolne ke liye Sachi baat batao. Nahi to bakwas mat karo.

  3. Rauthan P

    Sir pls PRECISION metalik k bare me video banao

  4. Rushikesh Mundhe

    Urja global pe video banao na sir

    Kitna girega or upper circuit lga to kitna uper jayega.

    1- 2 saal bad kya hota share price

  5. Rohinaz World

    What to do now , sell or buy more for average ???

  6. Subhash Agrawal

    Just apka video dekha aur 2-3 din se mood thoda down chal raha tha market ke karan up ho gaya.

  7. jaipal singh

    बकवास कर रहा है अनध भगत है,‌हरामी ये बता कि रुपए कि किमत‌ क्यों कम‌ हो रही है और डालर क्यों बड रहा है ?

  8. Vijay M

    Putin MC😩😢😥😥😢


    ये rate hike का क्या मामला है सर ? क्या मार्केट क्रैश में इसकी बड़ी भूमिका है ?

  10. Harshal Solanki

    Obviously due to many reasons there is pressure in the market one of them is inflation and interest rate hikes. But won't this also lead to more participation of retail investors in the stock market because obviously their money is no good in their accounts and fixed deposits because they won't be beating the inflation for sure. The more easier way their money can strategically grow and they beat the inflation is by investing in fundamentally strong and futuristic stocks for long term. Also less than 10% of our population invests in stock market so lot of room for improvement there as well. Obviously high inflation is bad but for the market but it can also attract more retail investors, kind of like a blessing in disguise! Please let me know if this thought is valid or am I mistaken?

  11. Suresh Jain

    I m a big fan of you..I have see your vedio on daily basis..your explation is very clear # honest.God bless..

  12. sunil sir

    Bazar to gir raha ye to thik hai, kintu rupaye ki kamjori isse aur dens banaa degi

  13. I wiLL Invest

    Bhai bahut ads aana shuru ho gaye hai apki videos mai

  14. prathamesh

    Ab bss ho gaya nuclear daal dunga got me… 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. Ujjwal Konar

    Free houses,free bathrooms = petroleum prices high and inflations ..highest food price with commodities..

  16. MR. JAYDEV

    70 % पानी है पृथ्वी पर …
    फिर भी सबको डूबना तो मार्केट में ही है

  17. आप निः शुल्क मदद करते है । इसके लिए आपकी भूरी भूरी प्रसंसा करता हु । आप महान है ।

  18. Abdul Panchar

    Bhai 16500 per fut liya tha usme 50k loss ho rha ab kya kru plz koi help kr do 😭😭😭😭😭 pahli bar fut liya tha 😭

  19. Good afternoon…
    I have a query..
    Aventel is hitting low circuit despite declaring liberal bonus + dividend .. How do you view it,kindly explain…

  20. Aditya agarwal

    The best strategy to use in trading STOCK, NFT'S and CRYPTO to trade with a professional who understands the market quite well, that way maximum profit is guaranteed. Because i have learnt along the way of my investment that research and analysis are important, note that experience is more needed than luck when it comes to the crypto market.

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