Why Some See Web 3.0 as the Future of the Internet | WSJ

Some see Web 3.0 as the next generation of the internet, a decentralized version of the web based on the blockchain. Here are the key principles behind it, and why skeptics are unconvinced it could scale globally. Illustration: Amber Bragdon

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  1. MilitanT07

    What a bunch of mentally deranged individuals

  2. James G.

    Constellation Network will bring Web 3.0 to life. $DAG

  3. Janpha Channel

    Hard enough for me just to set up a FTP server…

  4. Peter M

    Sounds to abstract for my small mind.

  5. We did an interview about Web3 recently – an expert from MITRE Labs suggests the government must create a "Web3 national strategy" to address economic and regulatory issues that could come up.

  6. Gareth de-Witt

    The internet is as it has always been and that is pointless. Most of the information on it is wrong and ridiculous

  7. Paul s

    RLC I exec crypto currency partnered with Intel Ibm Nivida Amazon Alibaba Microsoft sleeping giant. RLC small token supply under 87 Million tokens all in circulation 100 Million market cap #310 on coin market cap easy top 100 Project sooner than later.
    The global cloud computing market size is expected to grow from USD 445.3 billion in 2021 to USD 947.3 billion by 2026, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 16.3% during the forecast period! RLC will help these Fortune 500 companies with their idle computer power sitting on servers…

  8. It's stupid. At the end of the day, your average internet users don't have the money to own that many servers. These servers would be in the hand of those that have money and they will sell your data, don't kid yourself.
    Data can still be classified by region and the user itself if they want to.
    There's a group that want to create a new dimension of web that's not owned by google, amazon, fb, Microsoft and the other big internet giants.

  9. Elon musk calling bs on anything is the most absurd and ironic thing I've heard in years.

    Where's self driving? The cybertruck? The hyperloop? Solar city? The dancing robot?

  10. Nachannachle

    The term "Web3" is neither a buzzword nor a hype.
    It is Zuckerberg and the media that are turning it into a VR meme/marketing gimmick to distract people from the real issue (i.e Corporations are losing the plot and steam.)

  11. Akshay Sapra

    anytime i see the buzzword blockchain — i doze off

  12. Eric

    Sounds like a gimmick. 2.0 has alot of easy to use, walk up value. This version sounds like it's lacking in any value.

  13. Ahmad Ganteng

    Skeptics to new tech is not a bad thing.
    It is an important feedback of the technology.

    The concept of web 3.0 itself that is not yet mature.
    I think that blockchain will be useful in many use case, but it will not be a fundamental tech on its own.
    It can be added to current web architecture..

    So instead of web 3.0, we might see web 2.5

  14. Ahmad Ganteng

    Not every new idea albeit supported by prominent figure will go to the real world.

    Take IP version 5 as example..
    IP v5 is developed to replace the old IP v4 that has limited IP address.
    But where IPv5 now? GONE..

    We now using in combination with IP v4 and IP v6.

    So possibly that we will never seen web 3.0 in action.. As so many skeptic address, it has many problem.

  15. Visco

    It's only a matter of time before the focus becomes decentralised privacy. #monero

  16. Sedat KPunkt

    2:50, 3:15 and following:
    the chain of events and the logic behind has huge gaps of information explaining the relation of cause & effect.
    Just like the logic behind Crucifixion of Jesus Christ leading to easter bunnies & painting eggs
    which also has a huge information gap between those two.
    The blockchain technology just secures transactions and proves their validity by signing them with keys created out of the transaction's content to guarantee an immutable and incorruptible content?
    How does this lead to all the promises of controlling own data and even monetizing them?
    I see many advantages of the blockchain for delivering evidences for online agreements, e.g. an additional temporary mini-insurances that enter validity on the spot after agreeing on a insurance policy for your car for parking anywhere strange…etc.

  17. jonathan larcom

    @4:08 wasnt there a black mirror episode where people were forced…. i mean "earn money" from using the internet?

  18. Bl4cksh33p W4ll

    Watching people discussing concept they don’t really understand is very funny. Conclusion here is Web3.0 will NEVER happen. It’s the illusion from the group of people who benefited from bitcoin or blockchain concept who also want to copy paste the success story somewhere else, regardless of the essential difference of the requirements

    1/ it violates natural evolution, every evolution in this universe is heading for better energy efficiency, because energy is limited. Then what is the point for storing videos like this one on your iPhone or iPad or any personal devices that are not optimized for video streaming, have very unstable internet connection, and can make people mad when battery draining too fast?
    2/ Do we really need decentralization for the internet? Why would someone think storing their data in stranger’s device can be safer than the big companies? We can fine or ban big tech when they’re violating privacy, say Facebook, but what can you do in the Web3.0 world when you have no idea where your data is stored and used for whatever purpose? Assuming goodwill in human is never a good idea
    3/ most importantly, there is no motivation for the conversion to Web3.0, which is the essential difference with Cryptocurrency. People mining cryptocurrency because of financial benefits, but what is the point of building stations for web3.0? Internet is already free, nobody gonna pay you for setting up your stations. Your electricity bill will go rocket high without knowing where your money actually goes

  19. R34L17Y

    …..thanks for the history lesson.

  20. Frank Ulfberht

    Calling Blockchain Web 3.0 is too early. Also, what separates web 1.0 and web 2.0 isn't whether the data is centralized, but the technology built around UX.

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