Digital Marketing karne ka Sahi Tarika || By Sandeep Maheshwari

If you are interested in taking a digital marketing course, then you do not need to pay anyone to do this course. If you really want to learn course, then you can learn from the book and you can also learn digital marketing from those who are successful in this field.

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And remember, what is your own level of the person who is teaching you anything?


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  1. $786Poojahans

    Yeh ladka sir ki batte aise sunn or dekh kr emotional ho raha hai jaise abhi rone wala hai ❤️❤️

  2. Rick Programmer

    For those who are saying that he is not right, he is not saying that you must buy some cheap books or cheap courses, but he is saying that you should first find a person who is very very successful in this field then see if he has created any course or has written any book on it. Only then you should buy it!

  3. Gaurav Gind

    Is Chutye ko koi acting karwa do. Har sentence pe expression de raha hai

  4. DomainChor

    Result oriented mindset knows how to explore workable ways.

  5. Shubham Kumar

    if any one of you are not able to do a digital marketing course due to the high course fee💸 and you are looking for a budget-friendly digital marketing course then I would prefer:
    IMO, this is the best digital marketing institute in Delhi. they provide advance course at Rs.15,000/- only

  6. Sir can I do digital marketing being a full homemaker a long time study gap I confused that I can do or not but I want to grow my husband's business after learning digital marketing can I do this??? Pls help .

  7. Random Shits

    Thank you so much for uploading this video ❤️❤️👍

  8. monika

    i respect you sir,
    but in the case of digital marketing you are not right.
    book's can't teach you digital marketing.
    you must have a mentor for it.

  9. Tarun Verma

    This goes to the inttelctual youtubers are far more great teachers in any field rather to take a paid course

  10. Najma Unnisa

    Yes sir iam learning without giving money 💰 best course of digital marketing i have 100% trust on these

  11. Bashit Ali

    Wesse Sandeep sir main aapki baat se puri tarah sehmat nhi huoo , bicose online free me log ache se nhi sikate , aur course me log ache se bitake sikate h, an kuch log mehenge course se ache khase job pa chuke h , aur kuch logo ke kuch palle hi nhi pada.

  12. Amazing fact

    😲 wow kya bat kahi hai sir ne 😤👏👏👏👏

  13. hasan imam

    I dont know what to say .

    So that means you are suggesting burning all your certifications and buying a book or learning from someone who is successful already ??? .

    .. I dont think anyone can EARN a better opportunity in any company in such a situation.

    Since our childhood, We all spent something on education because if we think to enter any company to work with, they need Certificates not books.

    So in these cases paying for a course is not a waste of money.

    I think today's Market will only consider your knowledge in Digital marketing or in any course with reference to a certification from any reputed institute. Institute are charging for valuable certification only with Practical knowledge & also giving an idea to use the proper tools to implement in any case.

    We all have paid for certificates earlier in every phase of our life. Nothing is for free.

    only buying a book cannot give you good knowledge of any vast topic. It will be done only when you get some guidance.

    Everyone is not like you sir.

  14. Debasis Basuri

    Good for motivation. Bad if you really aim to be a good marketer

  15. R. K. artworks

    I think he mistakenly targeted arvind kejriwal. 🤣

  16. ↪️ I utterly do not agree with his thoughts and the idea of pursing the most demanding, dynamic, and practical skill by just reading b ooks!!! 

    ↪️ It may help you to a certain extent, but you can't become knowledgeable. Also, the entire video is full of contradictory and one-toning. (Watch it carefully again)

    ↪️ It doesn't mean if he gives "education" or "GYAN" for free on YT (after establishing a full fledged internet brand image bazar). that only free things are good. You just can't ridicule mentors, coaches, or trainers. (Yes, be wise while you're choosing and do enough research), but they are not frauds like the one Sandeep has mentioned.

    ↪️A trainer can add so much value and nuggets of wisdom, which blogs or books can't deliver. If one is not in a position to afford training, one can learn from YouTube, sign up a newsletter, an online course (less than 2k) start their own website, and do SEO and PPC by themselves. 

    ↪️ Also, speaking from experience and after spending 10 years in the same domain, I can claim that Digital Dynamics isn't the same across the board.

  17. taimoor nasir

    Hi, I am business consultant and Entrepreneur ! Are you interested in an online work? I have great international business opportunity in Canada,USA , 170+ countries through mobile📲 or laptop 💻.

  18. prabhat gabu

    One of the best video in this entire internet👌💪💪


    Sandeep sir is one of the best man in India

  20. Mehak Forever

    Such people made money by such words and not want others to grow…. bullshit

  21. Mehak Forever

    Learn from anyone but must learn. Books written years back and technology in digital marketing has changes every now and then so keep on learning….ignore this shit of this guy…

  22. Mehak Forever

    Loom who is talking.. the guy who earned most of his from digital platforms is pointing out others and people are accepting. Pathetic!! Everyone who understands the role of digital marketing is keen to learn and after learning people are equipped enough to start businesses and freelancing and much more start ups….

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