SEO for beginners | What is SEO | Introduction to SEO (in Tamil)

SEO explained in Simple Tamil by Sangeetha S Abishek
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The importance of doing SEO – 1st class of the series of classes on Search Engine Optimization. Here Sangeetha explains the definition and importance of SEO for businesses.
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  1. Vinoth R

    Hello madam, is you doing SEO as business?

  2. Selvam A

    Mam you are very too much beauty and cute

  3. SridharCB

    Good very brief explanation in native language video Sangeetha…but how to do SEO…do you have any video on that.

  4. Haseef Thameem

    Very useful vedioe… thank you so much mam. Love u from Sri lanka 🇱🇰❤️

  5. Ilayaraja Arjun

    மேடம் எனக்கு SEO வெப்சைட் ஓபன் பன்னனும் மேடம் பன்னிதரிங்களா

  6. Namaste! your language is beyond my reach. Enjoy in Chennai only.

  7. Hi ma'am, would like to join ur SEO course. I would like to know more abt SEO.

  8. gopi krishnan

    Hi Mam,
    this is krishna,nan B.E cse mudichutu vera sector la wrk pani ipo IT sector la wrk pananum yosikuran so na SCO choose panalama?????? Endha alavu enaku useful ah irukum????

  9. Abdul Gaffoor

    hi akka  semrush appadina enna athula eppadu earn pannura endu oru simple ah vilangura mathiri oru video podungo

  10. Crystal clear explanation
    Thank you
    Keep rocking
    Keep enlightening the viewers around the 🌎

  11. Douce france

    Nandri akka, can you seo,serp, white hat, black hat my website?will pay you

  12. Saravanan

    Mam, Well Explained about SEO , Thank you for your videos.
    Pls upload more videos about Digital Marketing. Thankyou.

  13. Middleclass

    mam seoku eng knowledge compalsaryah?

  14. Arasu Rj

    Hi mam , enakku seo full course eppadi kathukkanum and intha job eppadi join panna um nu tips tharengala

  15. Ak Jb

    Is coding knowledge required to learn SEO ?? Seo ku job opportunities epdi irukum ?

  16. Srilekha Menon

    Hi please let me know if you are taking SEO classes I would be much interested to join

  17. Mam thanks for the content with great explanation 😊
    And you're so cute 🙊

  18. karthi k

    madam.. Nan e-commerce business start pannalaamnu irukken.. Seo knowledge irunthaa enakku business growth aakuma?how use this? How study seo? Pls reply and guide mam pls am waiting your reply mam

  19. Vignesh B

    Maam the video helps me to learn it easily..and i started to go to ur playlist for ur further video once again thank you for the videos

  20. Satchidanandam N

    Hi mam, very nice video now only I am watcing and regularly simply super and clear crispy each and every video go head your service is ultimate

  21. Sankar Sankar

    Madam Google ads patika Enna amount aakum ? Ungala apputi contact pannurathu madam

  22. Mam next week interview iruku
    Google analytics role ku
    Unga help kidaikuma pls….

  23. Shakul

    Mam full eh solli thara mudiyuma ……enaku learn pannanum nu Interest but internship Mari neeenga conduct pandreengala……??

  24. monisha P

    Any video for dynamic seo and technical seo available mam?

  25. Mam. Am job seeker .am so interesting on seo but I don't know anything about seo enamathiri biggner kgu job ketakguma …athukgu na ena pannanum pls reply

  26. r.r advertisement

    medam நான் எனது rr advertisment எங்க ஊரில் இருந்து அடித்தால் வருகிறது நன் கேரளா போனபோது அங்கு வரவில்லை அனல் யூடியூபில் வருகிறது வெப்சைட் வருகிறது google சர்ச்சில் வரவில்லை எனது மொபைலில் வருகிறது கஸ்டமர் மொபைலில் வரவில்லை ஊன்கள் வழி கட்டுதல் தேவை

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