Network Types: LAN, WAN, PAN, CAN, MAN, SAN, WLAN

Network types depend on how large they are and how much of an area they cover geographically. This video explains the difference between a LAN vs WAN, along with other networks.

LAN – Local Area Network
WAN – Wide Area Network


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    bolehkah saya reuplod vidio ini ke dalam bahasa indonesia?

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    Powermode backgourd running battery savery turn off backgourd apps running plug in battery quaicker accessibility keypad

  3. ShivanshPlays1

    So basically my school district’s network is a MAN network

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    I love your videos! Very well and simply explained! Thank you! ❤

  7. Shaan Lashkari

    Same sir, I understood all types of network because of you. Thank you for preparing me for the National Computer Olympiads .

  8. avmagic

    Would a large company such as Google's internal network be a WAN?

  9. R. H. Brekke

    Can't wait for the SAN to come out when humans land on Mars and want to play some CTF. Ill let you figure out what the S means.

  10. Dr. Multitasker

    Who knows Goku- SAN????

    im gonna see myself out…….

  11. Akhila

    What a neat explanation

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    nothign doubdt all clear

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    Ty Sir this was very helpful for my exams

  14. Sahil Koul

    Is cloud computing a good carrier it includes everything network servers and aws too

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    Idk what to say. I AM SPEECHLESS. Thanks God I've found this video!

  16. Techno-Tech

    What about satellite connection?? What type is it?

  17. Iyeet Security

    My buddy WAN who was a MAN from Japan traveled the LAN collecting CANs that he used to make a PAN

  18. Keya3110

    Before clicking the video I was having fun reading the title

  19. Grant S

    love the Enterprise in there

  20. Good video it gives a clear understanding of each network. Also i like the enterprise there at the end.

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    "Hello Everyone, this is your daily dose of internet" , narrator's voice sounds like this 😊

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    From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for all that you do! You have helped me and I'm sure so many others more than you could ever know.

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    This is one of my favorite YouTube channel…

  24. Priyank Agarwal

    What if an network connection between satellite and earth is called??

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    Why does it have one pan man in the thumbnail👀

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