How Bone Carvers In India Are Keeping A Prehistoric Art Alive | Still Standing

Bone carving is an ancient art form popularized by royals in India around the 16th century. More recently, a shrinking market and scarcity of materials have pushed many carvers away from the craft. Jalaluddin Akhtar and his son Akheel are determined to keep the craft alive in Lucknow.

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How Bone Carvers In India Are Keeping A Prehistoric Art Alive | Still Standing


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  1. Zechariah

    Maybe they'll figure out shoes next

  2. J B

    3D Printers- sorry guys, the world doesn’t need you anymore

  3. Nandhini.K XII B

    I never came to know about this . This may be art came from islamic invasion. Because Indians always burn every dead human or cow or horses . No bone art existence is in ancient literature except ivory or sea lions and rhinoceros horns . This is bone craft not belong to India.

  4. Erin S.

    It’s beautiful it’s like firm structural lace

  5. Erin S.

    Moving to Brazil would be the secure way to ensure your craft material and art stays.

  6. adrian Garcia

    Lol a vacuum by the saws would be a good investment 🤣

  7. Shabs123

    When you have puncher shop or a mechashop they say Madrasachaps now its an art wow hypocrisy at its best

  8. 426 SUPER BEE

    If a person want to work with stinking disease bones ?

  9. Khushi Builders

    In india rulling govt is only busy to devide and rule.

  10. Ewill 343

    As someone who is an amateur leather worker, I love seeing what craftsmen can make from other parts of the animal. I've always believed that so long as we eat meat, we should also put the skin and bones to good use.

  11. Just Real Truth

    The video/story was made to last almost 10 minutes, even though the narrator basically said it in the intro… "He gets the bones from butchers instead." 🤷

  12. Benjamin

    they need a proper workstation, their backs and wrists are on borrowed time.

  13. Doug Taylor

    I hope this video helped their online ventures, they could sell their work for thousands of dollars in the US. A small piece could fetch hundreds. They deserve to be paid more, anyone who masters a craft like this is exceptional in my book and the rewards should follow. Keep up the amazing work guys!

  14. It would be better if you did something from each other. There are a lot of you, this is not a pity…….!

  15. The Empress

    Wow I really hope they succeed. When I have enough money someday I'll get a box thing for my valuable stuff.

  16. Jutu Jamm

    No mask. Bone dust is extremely dangerous for the respiratory health of the carver. Well … I guess he’s made peace with his craft and as a master craftsman knows the risks. Peace and prosperity be among them and their art.

  17. adorn lady

    I hope the radical hindus won't go n kill them for using cow bones

  18. Be the Beat

    why fevicol doesnt work out with me🤧🤧🤧

  19. Dave Smith

    gather bones from the banks of the ganges. customers wouldn't know they are human

  20. Schudog

    He learnt this craft from his uncle in 1980, and has been in his family for 50 years. So his uncle learnt from a non family member 8 years before he taught this poor sap. Good writing

  21. Indianbot00 7

    It was done in India way before even roots of Mughal empire Islam existed.

  22. Melanie

    I have a small bone box my husband brought me from the middle east. I love little collectables like these.

  23. Tarini


  24. Yashoda

    The government has imposed a ban on illegal, unlicensed slaughter houses. Please make this clear in your commentary.

  25. Peter File

    Not a big fan of their caste system and systematic rape, but gotta keep the artwork of our ancestors alive.

  26. Aditya Yadav

    I always thought that these things are made of stones. 🤔
    Never had any idea that such an art too exists !

  27. R. Dua

    And imagine having a pile of bones in your roof top at all given times 😎

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