SEO for Beginners: Rank #1 In Google in 2022

Are you an SEO beginner?

No worries!

In this video, I’m going to walk you through the core pillars of every successful SEO campaign.

But the first question is:

What is SEO?

It’s an acronym for “Search Engine Optimization.”

And it’s the process of ranking web pages on the first page of Google’s organic search results.

This process of SEO has four core pillars of success:


Keywords are the foundation of every successful SEO campaign. In fact, understanding how to pick the right keywords will make or break your campaign.

I’ll show you how to pick the right keywords for your business and your unique situation in the video.

Once you’ve found keywords, you need to optimize your site’s technical performance.

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Please don’t fear the word “technical” because it’s pretty easy once you understand what to look for. The goal of optimizing technical performance is twofold:

First, we want Google to be able to crawl and index our pages in an efficient manner.

Second, we want our site to have a tremendous User Experience (UX).

I’ll show you what to look for and how to optimize both elements in the video.

Once you’ve found keywords and optimized for UX, it’s time for the most important part:


Think of content as the lead domino for SEO success. You should invest most of your time in optimizing and creating new SEO-driven content.

Here’s the key:

You should always optimize BEFORE you create.

I’ll explain why in the video.

And last, but not least:


You can nail all previous pillars like a pro, but without backlinks, you’ll struggle. What are backlinks? They are links from other websites and Google considers them as “votes.”

In theory, the more high-quality votes your page has, the more Google will trust it.

What does a high-quality backlink look like? Watch the video to find out 🙂


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Want to skip around? Here you go:

0:00 Intro
0:52 What is SEO?
2:07 4 Core Pillars of SEO
2:17 Keyword Research (like a Pro)
7:48 Technical SEO 101
11:53 How to Optimize & Create SEO Content
14:36 The Art & Science of Backlinks

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    Thanks for watching! Let me you're excited about this training series by liking and commenting below 👍 P.S. video #2 about keyword research will be coming soon, so make sure you subscribe

  2. Theo Meijer

    Good morning, Do you do SEO for a small start-up business?

  3. Bacha Samsonia

    I like it is super cool I love this
    I am GPM for construction company and some how I get super interested, you are making amazing explanation I love it.

    I kind of do not know what is better and where to start I want to change my profession I think 😅

    So where should I start (I have taught lot of people Engneer business and design) understanding how important is to start with correct setup and correct source
    I am white page

    So what to do?

  4. GreenlifeFin

    Semrush tool is not free, so you are practically promoting your paid service? Or did I missunderstand something?

  5. Obviously good content but it’s all over the place in terms of a training video. Not sure how any beginner would follow

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    saya tidak paham bahasa inggris. apakah ada subtitle bahasa saya?

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    Literally every single I need to follow here in this video is paid. And its very expensive

  9. Adam Z

    We have 2 websites that get great rankings and traffic. We'd like to sell other products thats are similar. Should we add those to our current site(s), or create a seperate website? We're worried about google penalizing our organic search terms for the current products that we sell. Also, would we get penalized for having another unique website with our home address (not ip address) tied to it? We have a total of 6 websites. Thanks for any suggestions!

  10. Craig Butterfield

    So lets say for example I RENT Bicycles. Why/WHAT exactly am I searching for KEY WORDS when I KNOW that I RENT Bicycles. I do not sell pizza, nor do I lease cars. I RENT BICYCLES. So to the point if that is what I do, what if anything am I missing. Needs to be on page content, URL path, Title, Description and H1,2,3 tags.

  11. Joydeb Mandal

    Very informative video. Everything is discussed in detail. I like your explanation.

  12. Phenomenal training and info!!!! I've been researching SEO for a while and this is by far the best video out there! Thank you so much for this free training.

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