Advanced SEO | How To Rank No. 1 On Google | Learn SEO Step by Step Tutorial in HINDI by SidTalk

Hey Guys,
This video is the 9th part of my Web development series in which you will learn what is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & How Big companies Rank their websites Number one in Google, You’ll get to know the Hidden Secret tricks & tips of SEO in HINDI.
In this video you’ll learn Everything from Keyword Research, Keyword Volume Check, Meta Tags, Page Speed, On Page SEO, Off Page SEO, What is Backlink, Link Building, PBN (Private Blog Networks), etc.
You can take this a Basic STEP by STEP Guide to learn Advanced SEO – Search Engine Optimization in HINDI.

Follow step for experiment:
Search “Bulk SMS Service” on google then find and click on Fast2SMS link. If position improve after few days then you can follow that experiment for your website.

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Queries Solved:
1) How to Rank Websites in Google ?
2) What is Backlink & Link Building in Hindi ?
3) What is Web 2.0 & PBN – Private Blog Networks
4) Tricks to increase CTR of a website (Click Through Rate)
5) How to do Search Engine Optimization of a new or Old website Step by Step
6) Tools used for SEO: Ahrefs, SEMRush,, etc.
7) Web Development Series of SidTalk SEO Video 9th or Part Nine

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  1. SidTalk

    Ghuma Fira Ke: Jo Jo mene aapko bataya, Iska market Rate 10-25k INR hai πŸ™‚
    πŸ”₯ Follow step for experiment:

    Search "Bulk SMS Service" on google then find and click on Fast2SMS link. If position improve after few days then you can follow that experiment for your website.

  2. sujata Torres

    Hello I need to get in touch with you, I need help with my website, I need ur advice pls reach out to me by sending me ur email

  3. beautiful, sid❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️


    Can you tell which field in digital marketing is most in demand?

  5. ONline saGAR

    amazing explanation sid.u r born 2 explain.

  6. Sami Ul

    Boos aws vpn apps vedio cahiye how to connnet vpn server add in server ip

  7. Solid Auto Tech

    How to repair home appliances at home in Hindi…he topic kaisa laga blog chalu karna chahta hun …please help

  8. Clive Fiel

    Amazing, I' Ranked #1 thanks to Easy-Seo,org

    I like some of the transitions, but sometimes they're a bit too much and are seemingly random. Since we use these persistent elements that transition across pages to indicate some kind of relationship between the previous and the next states, some of your transitions confuse me because I can't immediately see what the relationship is.

    For example 2:23 of the selectable tiles (which weren't selected) transition into being two switches… does that mean anything? are they related in some way? I see this as random and a bad use of the design language. However, at 1:14 I like the transition from switches to the ticks on a paper, that makes sense to me. Epic presentation tho

  9. M Hadi Siddiqui

    Thnx Sidhaant for your Long GUIDE. Why i haven;t seen it before ???


    Gyaan aur masti dono ke bhandar hai aap

  11. Sonu Malik

    Sid Talk aap ke video ki notification nahi aarhi

  12. jatin QA

    Hello Sid,
    Can u do SEO of my website? How much does it cost?

  13. Preet Verma

    Sid sir thank uhh so much….for the information…..BUT PLEASE DO A VIDEO FOR SINGLE PAGE WEBSITE SEO

  14. ads eesweb

    great explanation. kindly make SEO course with practical.

  15. Lit Meh

    Thanks for great insight. Simple and digestable

  16. Versatile Samu

    Sid I added the keywords everywhere add on to my chrome browser and also added the api. but post that after searching for a keyword it did not display the volume as demoed in your video. What needs to be done please?

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