India Ban Targeting Xiaomi

LG gram 17 :
LG gram 17 on Amazon :
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  1. Combat Cent

    xiaomi and Huawei forever 🇯🇵🍁

  2. Pixel 4a has a terrible value even when compared to Samsung’s offerings

  3. CJ

    Hello Huawei already has all the alternatives to Google and it is very secure, it is very good news that it has become independent. Here is the list of what Huawei is currently replacing and what you can replace on your own:

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  4. jaccob prince

    To me. A phone i own should be bug free and all needed application should be available without ads , premium subscription imposed, and future os ota/ manul flash with ease without voiding warranty. I gone to xaiomi based on this my first phone mi4i which was easy to disable ads without paying, and their apps almost covered everything I needed and they updated their custom os with latest Android features without upgrading actual android base os which was fine with me. As i dont prefer brand over features and freedom . I don't actually prefer to search for all the basic needs i want from my phone from Google app store app by app which suits and doesn't crash . So i liked miui for having everything I needed without trwp/rooting/bricking

  5. S. T. A. K.

    Pixel 4a is costly for an average Indian. AT LEAST twice the budget. Period.


    yes there is almost no usage of BAIDU in India….it's Google here


    nope I think we have better choices than pixel 4a at that price range and below and pixel is all about camera and all ….

  8. i like pixel 4a camera but it had an old processor so people will prefer i phone se over it which is at very low cost in Flipkart BBD.

  9. Parth Mawai

    pixel 4a is far better than any xiaomi phone, coz it was a premium experience earlier to have a pixel and the stock android.

  10. Pixel 4A.i m interested in it..but the only problem is the stock/rigid os..

  11. Ayan Saha

    Pixel phones are better. But the pricing is too high. Samsung Realme playing good game in India.
    ❤️ From India sir!

  12. Kushal Jivarajani

    Big fan of google products….and thing is that Google's software are all over Indian users at huge….but the hardware doesn't hit the market quite well…i mean there are some pixels u might see an some other Google home, Chromebooks, home pods, etc. Google should try an figure out what they need to get their hardware up in the biggest electronic market…

  13. intl goh

    India is getting trupmized

  14. Kiran Mulik

    What is Baidu 1st time heard of it….I don't even want to the URL

  15. harshit sharma

    Ofcourse we are looking for stock experience but due to pricing and unavailability we are unable to get a hold of Pixel… Just look at the way Nexus phones performed in India.

  16. Reshav Gurung

    No not interested in pixel 4a

    Waiting for iPhone 12

  17. Pixel 4a is great but very pricy for its specs bad pricing I’ll say !!!

  18. jaydeep patel

    Yes pixel 4a is good.. but in india people look in quantity like 4 cameras and high processor over qaulity. I personally like pixel 4a but nord is having slightly upper edge then pixel 4a😔…

  19. Viswanathan K.B.

    Going forward, I reckon Google Pixel and Apple iPhone will be the best bet for the Indian market provided the pricing becomes a bit more competitive.

  20. santosh Narayana

    Question is how expensive is it?because, remember India is a price sensitive market

  21. S v

    Pixel is best. Far far better than xiomi, oppo, vivo and even samsung. But i think pixel is banned because of radiation i guess

  22. Mohit Kumar

    I'm definitely not interested in Google Pixel 4a.

  23. a durgaprasad

    Pixel 4 a is in High cost.but low specs if it comes with 20000rs we can buy.but it is morethan 30000rs

  24. Harsh Meena

    Google Play very well 😉
    Launching pixel4 this time with price of redmi, realmi phones with good quality.


    pixel 4a is not for india . indians are getting better deal from the likes of xiaomi and BBK electronics group

  26. AG

    4a would be a good idea

  27. Aakash Shrivastav

    Most of us are interested in Pixel 4a but the problem is pricing. It is usually priced 30-40% higher here in comparison to USA. Also for midrange android devices, people expect dedicated dual SIM slot that again is missing in Pixel and eSIM is not really helpful in India.

  28. ashutosh sk

    Google 4a is great device in terms of specs… But Google needs to prove it in terms of pricing

  29. Raunak Jain

    Rural areas in india still prefer the chinese mobile phones due to the price point.

  30. Shivam Yadav

    Ofcourse, I am waiting for pixel 4a to be released in india. I am done with this bloatware with ads all over place in my phone – i currently have a xiaomi.

  31. Always Star

    And no one uses baidu in India , I didn’t even knew it till this point

  32. Always Star

    The pricing of pixel 4a may be approximately 30,000 rupees.Since India is a price sensitive market and considering the newly launched one plus nord which is priced at 25000 rupees , the Google should definitely look around to keep the price as low as possible . If pixel 4a retails for 20000 rupees then no one can beat it.

  33. Vithal Goel

    Pixels aren't released in India anymore coz they couldn't capture the Indian market ig

  34. Fazeela Dashti

    Pubg tencent is chinese made application. When does india ban it?

  35. charan raju

    I was a Nokia Guy Right from my school days … Still am … To be frank Indians are too sentimental and kind of own the brand (like me sticking to nokia amd my father with the blackberry) they only do change if its way way way more good of a deal than his current phone is.. the deal can be a little thing…even a very little thing

  36. Kaushal Raut

    Indians are very much interested in Google pixel 4A the question is, is Google interested to launch it in India and increase its hold here?

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