SEO Tutorial for Beginners | Full SEO Course Step by Step | Search Engine Optimisation Course 2022

Hello Everyone,
Welcome to my new video SEO Tutorial for Beginners. In this video, I am going to teach you about Search Engine Optimisation.
So, If you beginner or expert then you can take the benefits of my Full SEO Course for Free 2022.
Learn How to Make Website:
In this Free Search Engine Optimisation Tutorial, I have covered various SEO topics practically
Intro: 00:00
What is SEO? 16:31
How SEO Works?
How Google Works: 25:34
Keyword Research? 39:30
How to Write SEO Friendly Content? 56:10
How to Submit/ Publish Article in WordPress? 1:15:25
Search Intent: 1:20:38
Sitemap: 1:24:50
Schema Markup: 1:34:55
SEO Mythology: 1:49:06
On-Page SEO: 2:01:26
How to Optimise On-Page Score Using Rank Math? 2:14:23
Off-Page SEO: 2:41:58
Webmaster Tool: 2:49:43
Google Analytics: 3:02:34
How to Monetize Website: 3:07:21
Final Words: 3:12:47
Firstly in the SEO Tutorial for Beginners, we will talk about what is SEO? In the SEO we trying to make our website according to the search engine Like Google, Bings, etc, because of better ranking on the SERP. SEO is the free source of traffic that means we do not pay anything, it’s free of cost.
Now, in the next step of the Free Search Engine Optimisation Tutorial, we will know How Google and SEO work?
SEO work on 200 factors of Google so, to do better SEO of our website we need to follow all the SEO’s factors carefully. Basically, Google work on three software
In the next SEO Tutorial for Beginners in Hindi, we will learn about Keyword Research. With the help of keyword research, we find the best keyword for our blog, now you are thinking about what is the best keyword. Best keyword means high volume and low competition. So, doing keyword research we are using various tools and common sense.
Writing an SEO-friendly article is a big task. So, here in the Free SEO Course, we will know how to write SEO Friendly articles. To write an SEO-friendly article, you need to understand Google Article Writing Guidelines in the video I have mentioned all the guidelines. One thing to keep always in your mind to write SEO-friendly we do not need higher English knowledge.
In the next topic, you will learn about Search Intent, Sitemap, and Schema Markup. These all are the ranking factor for SEO. In the search intent, we need to describe the purpose of an online search and writing an article according to the user search intent. A sitemap is a collection of all URLs of a website. When crawler come on your website then it’s firstly visiting your website Sitemap to find new content on your blog. You can create your sitemap using Search Console Tool. It’s completely free. Schema is another ranking factor for SEO, schema helps the search engine to understand our website/ blogs.
In the next Search Engine Optimisation Course, you will learn about SEO Mythology, ON Page, and Off-Page SEO.
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