Rohit Hits 50 Before Rain Stops Windies Chase | Windies vs India – Match Highlights | 2nd IT20 2019

Watch full highlights from the 2nd international T20 between Windies and India in Florida.

This is the official channel for the West Indies cricket team, providing all the latest highlights, interviews and features to keep you up to date with all things Windies.

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    Indias first wicket 1-67 167😁🤟


    Rohit 67 1 WICKET partnership 67 INDIA SCORE=167, IS THIS NOT THE RESPECT 👉😎


    Windies never fear they all ways will fear others

  4. Nitin Pithan

    the era of rohit 18,19 than covid came bc


    Very good video quality by the west indies cricket board channel appreciate 👏

  6. Ayush vlogs

    Only and only Sachin and hitman Rohit

  7. Raj Gupta

    Rohit has immense strength he just touches the ball and it goes for six or four.His sixes were so smooth .not like dhoni or pandya who uses all their strength to hit lofted shot

  8. Khan Suhel

    Sending bullshit pandya ahead of jadeja 😂😂


    They are giving quality highlights of every moment 20 minutes for 40 overs not like ICC who resonate all the stuff of 100 overs in just 5 minutes. 👍

  10. Its Prodigy

    ICC end up uploading the match highlights for 2-3 minutes

  11. Bhandari Bhai

    India india India india India india India india India india India india

  12. Jarjes Azelart

    Come see the wonder. Best Song Ever.👌✌️🤙🙏

  13. Cricket Talks

    8:01 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 Middle stump flying removal from Cottrell . Kohli be like : Ye toh kabhi kabhi hota hai, abe kya superman ko be chot lakta hai naa 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  14. Fatema Swati

    Windies t20 Highlights:20 Minutes
    Icc ODI Highlights:6 Minutes
    Really Quality Highlights 😍
    Love To West Indies from Bangladesh

  15. Muhammad Qureshi

    That ball from cottrell to kohli was awesome. Especially the way those stumps came out from the ground🙌

  16. atharva chalke

    Who have came here after watching reels on instagram 😂

  17. I love you krunal bhaiya ji bhagwan aapko aur aapke Agastya pandya ko Lambi umra de

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