Network Topology

Computer Networks: Network Topologies in Computer Networks
Topics discussed:
1) Network Topology.
2) Physical and Logical Topology.
3) Bus Topology.
4) Ring Topology.
5) Star Topology.
6) Mesh Topology.
7) Hybrid Topology.

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  1. Anuj Verma

    what a teaching!!! A big salute to you ma'am:)


    The best lecture I have ever watched about networking.

  3. BD & NR

    Great way of learning


    wrong information… Bus topology is unidirectional

  5. mian usman

    Thanks clear my concept ☺️😜

  6. MANI Gaming

    Sir Tree Topology bi hai ap nay ya discuss nai ki

  7. Vašek

    Could you decribe why for example "Token ring" is a Physical STAR topology and logically it's RING? or Star topology is physical Star, logical Bus ?? Thank you

  8. Can you guys please make tutorials on cellular automata. I know it is too much to ask

  9. solomon raj

    SIR, The way you explained the TOPIC was very simple and clear……

  10. Sri Sangeeth

    Superb learning bro, I have got clear idea, thanks for the video ❤️❤️

  11. Thank you soo much I am a computer science student studying alone in cambridge england and I just wasnt able to get this topic

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