Gravitas: India, U.S. 2+2 dialogues

After calling India’s response to the Ukraine ‘shaky’, US now says it will be in New Delhi’s own interest to not increase import of Russian oil. India’s External Affairs Minister Dr. S. Jaishankar says the West should focus on Europe’s oil imports instead.

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  2. Moiz Khan

    Y'all been TRAPPED . And YKT.🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  3. Ruby47

    Just stay neutral India, and also stop using the word " human rights" when you… Yeah… you US and friends didn't have humanity itself

  4. I am strongly urging the G20 panel and the UN to remove both India and Mexico from the panel immediately for obvious reasons and 2 other nations who are far greater and far more authentic than them must take their seat. Secondly, the UN and the G20 needs to apply the same degree or level of opposition to Russia for the war crimes they have committed also be applied to India for the war crimes they have committed against Muslim minorities because in the end of day we are are humans no matter where we live in.

  5. I am appalled to notice that nations far more advanced like Greece, and Israel, and can contribute a lot more in solving global issues than India and Mexico are missing in the top G 20 list. Justice, truth, righteousness, equality, and fundamental human rights violated in any part of the world becomes an existential threat to all minorities across all the world. The same applies to Mexico who has no business on the G20 panel. They need to first work on themselves and the plethora of issues they are grappling with such as human trafficking, drugs, illegal immigration to the US etc…

  6. I am shocked to see India on the G20 list of nations because they have tens of thousands of skeletons in their own closet and backyard for them to work on and therefore should have no business to preach to any other nation period. The vandalism, corruption, war crimes, murder, and even several Human Rights violations committed by it's corrupt government against Muslim minorities must be brought to light immediately.

  7. Rongsenpokla

    The US has mistaken India as one of it's own states.

  8. Sun A

    USA is becoming increasingly annoying. They are hypocrites.

    Also, youtube being american is flagging this video as offensive. Fascism.

  9. Kalyani Ovhal

    Why I'm getting disclaimers before watching this video?

  10. Aquib Ansary

    Indian government supports Muslim genocide and lynching US remains silent .
    Indian government buying oil from Russia to support it's Economy US goes on a rant of human rights violation 😂

  11. Leo Nowruzi

    It's so funny how YouTube is siding with the US. Also, funny how Americans are begging the world to save them from drowning in their own shit. 😂.

  12. parag thakur

    Why this video mark by YouTube has offensive . It's right of press to present their view 👍

  13. Siddhu Rana

    Wow, YouTube is restricting this video only bcos it exposing America. Freedom of speech is a joke according to west….

  14. Milkybar

    America talking about human rights violations? It is as if wolf telling perks of being vegan to others 😂😂

    Neither america nor UK can lecture us on "sovereignty of a nation" or "human rights violations"
    Don't need no classes from a coloniser and 'democracy distributor'

  15. spicysharkroll

    How is this video inappropriate.. loser YouTube mods

  16. Kenny K

    WION is still so stubborn calling covid-19 as Wuhan virus ! Indian! Pls be more open minded !

  17. One For All

    This is so brain-dead take look at Euro their citizens starting feel the price of their leader sanction, if I'm a leader I have no reason to starve my people just because some politics issue happen in other countries, everyone want to survive

  18. First of all, the actual amount of energy imports by the EU has not decreased significantly by the West or the USA as of some days ago ; the situation may have changed; I have no means of corroborating or refuting such reports.
    As a defense measure during the time of superpower rivalry, India championed the non aligned movement. This need to keep out of harm's way percolated into many nations of Afro Asia. The founding principles of ASEAN for instance include ZOPHAN, a zone of peace, prosperity and neutrality. The entire cultural and economic development of these countries over many decades is predicated on such principles that cannot be untangled by a click of a switch. . Gunnar Myrdal has written in Scientific American articles in the 1970's or so of the " balance of terror" that was waged by the USSR and USA on the rest of the world and we seem to have a perfect replica to that scheme today between these powers.
    There are several ghosts lurking in the current conflict between the cultures of the two halves of the Roman Christian Empire after they had vanquished the Semitic branch of this spiritual development and anathematized and excommunicated it. There is still the vying of supremacy couched in moral tones and we see this in the utterances of both the Pope in Rome and Kirill in Moscow.
    What remained of the Semitic branch of the St Thomas tradition in India was transmuted to the more acceptable Syrian Oriental Orthodox religion by the Indians working under Western duress; be that as it may be, such remnants of an ancient tradition will have developed affinities of thought and fellowship with the Russian peoples that cannot be switched off by the click of a switch. India has not been completely culturally commercialized yet, to the same extent as China and the far East, but it is getting there. The market culture as the only culture that characterizes the USA has not fully taken root yet, although it is at an advanced state of transformation into that.

  19. Bruce Sutton

    Little Blinkie is so full of crap talks like he's constantly afraid. If he's so worried about human rights violations how about China kicking the crap out of some women on the street to just name one of hundreds

  20. Bruce Sutton

    If we're so worried about countries buying oil from Russia maybe they need to turn back on the tap in America

  21. c. george Thomas

    The United states of America talking about another country's human rights violations. You got to be Fing kidding me. With the treatment of black people in this country for centuries and treating us badly with the wanton killing of black people by the police with impunity I just don't understand America criticism of other countries human rights violations.
    R U kidding me?

  22. LuckyBoyCustoms

    The Us should be banned from this planet. We need and want peace. Please world unite to stop the greatest bully of them all. Please

  23. Nitish Sharma

    Issues rightly addressed and accurately put. This is actually a bullying behaviour towards India. As rightly said in the above video; it's a partnership.

  24. eid eid

    only one👑💋❤️🙏🌍🖤👍👁🇸🇦

  25. Pallabi Jana

    We talk smart but don't act with the same boldness

  26. Pallabi Jana

    They tried and we got arm twisted, cancelled deal with Russia

  27. Javeed Ravindran

    So what USA did in Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan etc is not human rights abuse? Who the bloody Hell is USA to have rights to kill civilians.

  28. Y Hh

    He’s right what he said about India

  29. twentytwentytwo

    US is accusing wow. How dare US say something like this. You are reporting wrong. You dont know We are biggest democracy. If its true then ask US to be his limits.

  30. Humanity First

    Yes there are increasing human rights abuses under BJP RSS rule in India. FACT.

  31. Rikky Goh

    U.S. trying very very hard to drive wedge between the RIC block (Russia, India, China). U.S. will go to extend to even threaten, bullying RIC.

  32. lino falco

    The US government, instead of introspecting on its own terrible human rights record, keeps making irresponsible remarks on the human rights situation in other countries, exposing its double standards and hypocrisy on human rights.

  33. Debajit Das

    Doesn't manufacturing war to kill people of other countries fall on human rights violation!?
    If not! Why not!

  34. Michelle Nelson

    Both videos very simulator "Covid IS SNAKE VENOM" this information will change and save the world from the COVID LIE….SHARE SHARE!! forward by Manny Ribera 4.11.22 * (This is a real bomb shell video with Dr Ardis & Mike Adams The Health Ranger… that Covid perhaps originated from a "snake" and not "bats" as suggested seams to change lots of things plus the solution for getting well etc etc!… "just thinking out load! …forward by Manny Ribera 4.11.2022)

  35. Komal Sadawarte

    On 2+meeating US bringing human rights to India🇮🇳🇮🇳 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 who itsself violeted God no how many country human rights such as you all know Korea, viatnam, afghanistan , Iran and much more 😡😡😡 we want justice to those country

  36. Michelle Nelson

    Putin Bombs Biden-Owned Villa in Ukraine while Hammering Biolabs & Pedophile Rings


    Americans never helped india in their entire history rather we helped them.

    You supported pakistan from the beginning

    You rejected cryogenic engine technology transfer to india

    You rejected supercomputer technology transfer to india

    You opposed nuclear weapons in india

    You sanctioned us multiple times during indo- pak war

    You stopped gps navigation during indo-pak war

    You supplied weapons to Pakistan

    You sent wardships along with other countries like UK during indo-pak war or Bangladesh liberation war

    You banned food items during war.

    After that india developed indigenous cryogenic engine technology, indigenous gps navigation technology, indigenous super computer technology, developed it's own space industry ISRO.

    Now india became self-sufficient in technology and we also sent satellite to Mars from our soil.

    Green revolution came india after you banned food.

    After seeing all these successful achievements you want to be a friend's with india lol 😂😂😂.

    We have sent food and medicines to Ukraine but you supplied weapons

    You country always desires for other countries destruction by selling weapons and making profit out of them.

  38. Stop interfering in other country's internal matters. You are neither an international organisation nor a guide. We have a neutral and independent foreign policy. USA is the reason for VIETNAM WAR, AFGHANISTAN CRISIS, UKRAINE CRISIS and every crisis on the earth. Bombing a nuke on Japan is the greatest human rights violation ever in the world.

  39. Humanity First

    All being said there are increasing human rights violations/abuses in India against minorities and the poor under Modi BJP RSS government who is aggressively pursuing the hindu rastra ideology. World nations side with Russia or USA India want both. Nations side with Israel or Iran India again want both. The bottom line is Indian officials will go to bed with anybody who will sell it cheap gas oil and weapons to profit the corrupt entitled elites. Sitting on the fence can and maybe should get you pelted from both sides.

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