What is SEO in Digital Marketing | How is Search Engine Works | Digital Marketing Tutorial in தமிழ்

இந்த வீடியோ நீங்கள் SEO என்றல் என்ன என்று தெரிந்துகொள்ளலாம், Hi from this video you will learn what is SEO and how a search engine works, i made this Digital Marketing Tutorial in Tamil, for more Digital Marketing Tutorial in Tamil Subscribe Buff Tutorial

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  1. Tharanyaa

    Great explanation! Thank you 🙂

  2. Kumar R

    super bro, very clear SEO

  3. Tamil in Paris

    seo பற்றிய தகவல் நன்றி

  4. Nisha Sha

    I was searching videos about SEO and many of them were making me more confused.. This is the only one gave me clarity and confidence. Thanks a lot bro 🌹

  5. Guna Subramanian

    Dai Mada Sambarani, go and learn what is SEO? Ippadi oru pollpu thevaiyada tharuthlae? In Title the word should not have repition.


    Easy to understand and clear explanation. 😇

  7. MANJU V

    Can you do full tutorial digital marketing

  8. Cj Akash

    Is coding knowledge required to learn SEO ?

  9. tata mani

    bro i want SEO for my work i am work sales back round pls call me bro 9840933712

  10. Saravanan Jothi

    Easy to understand, good in Tamil ,hope I feel I have spent quality time by watching this video…. You too…

  11. Suba Shree

    The topic is clearly understood… expecting more videos relating to SEO.

  12. friends galata

    Bro digital marketing ku English language mandatory or nonmanditory Ena Na thamil medium diploma civil padichiruka irunthalum digital marketingle enaku arvam iruku ithukaga English kathukanuma illana tanglish vechi manage panallama

  13. Azardeen Majeed

    Bro u have got great knowledge bro we need ur hlp and share with us ur valuable knowledge

  14. Meenakshi S

    The way you give explanations for technical aspects is so easy to understand. That what ppl lack in other channels… Keep doing the same. Kudos!

  15. sulai man

    I got a great mind set about SCO

  16. Amul prithiviraj

    I am beginnner of digital marketing… helpful vedio… thank you


    blogging pathi konjam explain pannunga sir…. please


    clear sir …and i request to explain the off page and on page optimization …

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