Marketing for Small Business: Effective Marketing Strategies for 2022

We know from experience that marketing for small businesses can be difficult. That’s why we’re giving you our digital marketing 101 guide to small business marketing. With this video, you’ll learn how to promote your business with results-driven marketing strategies.


Stop wasting your time with stuff that doesn’t work.

We’ve seen it time and time again.. People who think they know what it takes to run successful marketing campaigns… and fail.

That’s because “theory” does not outweigh “experience”

Listen, running a small business is hard work.

There are times when it can be exciting!! And… there are times when it can be overwhelming.

But there is one simple truth:

If you don’t have customers, then there’s nothing to be excited or overwhelm about.

That’s why great small business marketing is matters. ALOT.

Our mantra as an agency is to save people from bad marketing and little to no growth.

In this video today, we’re going to give a high-level overview of everything that a small business should be thinking about for marketing in 2022.

If you have no experience with digital marketing then this is the perfect video to get you started.

That’s because:

We’re going to walk you through step-by-step, what you need to know about digital marketing for small businesses.

We touch on high level + high impact items that are proven to help you grow.

We’ll cover the exact digital marketing channels and strategies that are relevant today. Which should help you at least start to ponder on how you get started. But just remember to take your time.

Now, If you have any questions…

And we mean ANY!

Then tell us in the comment section and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours (At the time of making this video, we don’t get many comments yet).

There is no way you can implement all these strategies tomorrow, so just pick one and start taking action. Don’t waste another second trying to decide what to do… just do it.

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Video Outline:

Intro: (0:00)
Develop Your Digital Assets: (1:35)
Evaluate Your Options with SEO: (2:48)
Shortcut Success with SEM: (5:36)
Getting Started with Social Media Management: (7:58)
Speed up Social Media Growth with Ads (11:16)
Consider Hiring An Agency: (14:13)
Conclusion: (15:33)

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  1. LYFE Marketing

    Question: What is your favorite marketing channel? We want to know!

  2. Princess Fortier

    Please do make a video about creating successful landing pages~

  3. Artun Cansin Ors

    Like the video even given any information? That’s the marketing 🙂

  4. Milena Koncar

    So if people are not interested in bizs on fb, why did fb create biz pages?🤔 The truth is that i go to fb ONLY for biz purposes🤣 i dont give a damn about what pple are doing!

  5. Milena Koncar

    YES! I want to see a detailed titorial on landing pages and captures! 😀

  6. Milena Koncar

    Ok so what if i dont use WordPress? I use Groovefunnels and GrooveDigital for ALL i make, sites, funnels, ecom, blogs, landers, etc. What do i use instead of YOAST?

  7. K. W.

    Thank you again! 👍

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    Thanks a lot for the video. It was really informative. How do I design an awesome landing page?

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    this was very useful thank you!

  10. Sean

    This is great info!! The fact you kept saying Sean it felt like a direct conversation with me 😂 Thank you!!!

  11. kindly make a video for new small business with a minimum budget for marketing. I didn’t find this as helpful. When you start giving information, you focus on cost which tends to make us slightly dis hopeful.

  12. mytisoy

    This is so clear! I should have watch your videos before. 😊 Thank you so much

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    I don’t even know what a drip sequence is smh..watching HARD

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    13:50 Was the tutorial published then? Could you share the link please? I wanted to watch :')

  15. Roshan premasiri



    Detail targeting-Ebay,teespring

    narrow targeting-printed t shirt,men's clothing,engage shopers

    Audience size-1000000

    This details mean one million indian people who like to ebay,teespring,printed t shirts,men's clothing,and these one million people clicked a “shop now” button in the last week.AM I correct?can you help me?🥰

  16. Jorawtalent

    I subscribed I need a marketing company 😩

  17. pinksugarfluff

    Don’t throw shade at rookies to promote yourself. Didn’t you just say at the start that you were given grace for being a newbie at your start?

  18. gatorcellman

    Generally some good tips. However, I would concentrate more on building your email list rather than concentrating on social media. Better yet, use social media to drive traffic to your website to capture email addresses. One key with PPC is to know the first campaigns will almost never have a positive ROI. Instead, they will be used for researching what works and what doesn’t. So be prepared to spend some $$ without conversations. Some goes for social media advertising. Easy to flush $ down the drain if you don’t know what you’re doing!

  19. Underground Gym

    Okay I've used Lyfe for a month now without a single attributable sale via our facebook ads. The ad display content is subpar imo. Maybe this is due to someone other than Sean actually running our campaign. I'm hoping patience pays off but initially I'm not impressed especially when the ads are rather generic from font use to the overlays. Being a visually striking business this is very disappointing. Luckily there's only a 3 month contract

  20. Yours alluring

    Yes I’m 15, but I AM going to make my small business get everywhere.

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    This is an amazing knowledge sharing video.


    Oh my gosh this was so informative thanks Sean, I will definitely research these tips to get an even better understanding but you have definitely got Me on the right track. Appreciate You 💛

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    It's hard to get my head around, that my business is being a computer marketing expert and not my actual business. All this here I gotta do to compete has nothing to do with my business, it's a whole other job, lol, soo……. hiring this to be done makes sense but how affordable is it?

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    I helped my companies growth to 181% pretty crazy…

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