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    How will these journalist be punished? They are doing more damages than our enemies.

  2. J Bharat

    This is problem with few castes. Why these few castes people propaganda to create religious and social unrest.

  3. Narendra Mudi

    Modiji be like: इसीलिए मैं ज्यादा नही पढ़ा था,साला app बनाकर फस जाता


    Ravish always tries to find out root cause…👍👍

  5. Baljeet Gill

    Bjp brainwashing sutdents
    Godi Media brain washed people
    Take political advantages

  6. Aijaz

    Sir aap ki voh baat yaad hai aaj majority minority ko tight karne k liye apne bachoo ko dhangayi banane lagay.

  7. muhammed umer

    Today it’s religious wise and tomorrow it’ll be caste wise, the ideology of the extremist never changes.


    Aap ka prediction sahi hora hai Ravishji…bharat ke noujawan mein brain wash kiya ja raha hai.,..

  9. Rizwan Sardar

    I very much agree with Mr.Ravish that all the followers, likes and comment need to be investigated. The DP action is primitive to protect the BJP It cell by hampering Mumbai Cyber Cell investigation.
    It is wake up call for the government. If not the lone wolf attack in Norway and New Zealand can repeat in India.
    If the Supreme Court has punished the perpetrators of 'Godhra Genocide' this would have not repeated.

  10. Broken Soul

    Remember Laden was a Civil engineer and he allegedly blew Twin towers.

    And young Indian techies becoming behan ka dalla…

    'If all Indians are my brothers are sisters' quote from constitution.

  11. zaqs1970

    ravish always hits the "bulls eye"

  12. Dr Harshad Patel

    I just look forward to only one thing….waiting for Ravishji's speech…never disappoints me

  13. Crime Master Gogo

    smriti irani is par kuch nahi bolegi….bahut chilla rahi thi nautanki rape comment par….yeh sab neta log desh ko barbaad kar diya

  14. Bunty Sonawane

    Modi is responsible. His silence is shameful. He has succeeded in dividing India.

  15. mubarak ahmed

    No one should go debating for all Godi channels just ignore them then everything will be fine 🤣🤣

  16. taher ali

    Ravish Kumar is among the few journalist who is unbiased and real journalist in the country
    Actually he is jewel and asset for the society.
    A big salute to ravish Kumar
    Best regards from
    Hyderabad Telangana

  17. Samsul Alom

    Nafrath ki aag iss Desh ko barbad kor Diya 😥😥😥

  18. Javed Chaudhry

    Nafrat kahan se aati hai iss ko guess karna mushkil nahi hai…
    Jhoota Makkar Feku 🙄

  19. Shaik Ibrahim

    I have a dream I want to see ravish sir will taking interview of narinder modi.

  20. t


  21. vijay kumar

    Sir thoda sa muslim logoan ke kartoot bhi bahar lao na i hate godi people but aapko bhi biased nahi hona chahiye

  22. deepak poria

    supeb work …I also like to help or do same concept

  23. Jainam Jain

    Aankh ke badle aankh sab kaane ghoomege

  24. sanjay pradhan

    Waah Sir Kash Aapke Baton Ko Log Samajh Payen.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  25. Be Happy

    “Aapke bacho ko Manav bamb Aur Dangai Banaya ja rha hai”

  26. Be Happy

    Excellent, Background music se Aur b Acha lagta hai, Vaise to Ravish Ji ka Sara Program dekhte hain

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