Introduction To Marketing | Marketing 101

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If you’ve ever wanted to know what marketing is? How it works? And how it applies to you and your business then stick with me, because in this episode I’m going to be breaking down exactly what marketing is, how it works, and why it’s such an important, if not THE most important element of business success.

Let’s get to it.

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    I want to open a pervate school how can I make marketing

  2. TomalyMilani

    I changed my degree from CS to Business marketing. Which me the best.

  3. Samuel Spiteri

    ok so i have economics and accounts but i would like to swap accounts with marketing, should I? any opinions pls:)

  4. Farzana iffat ara

    I need to come with a new product / improved version of an existing product for a university project.I have to choose a Roy morgan value segment and then market a product to the target audience..The project is due on thrusday and I can't come up with an idea.Could you please help

  5. Yan Shevtsov

    Great video for beginners!

    Product, price, place and promotion

    I get it 🙌

  6. Craig Phillips

    Successful people don't become that way overnight. What most people see at a glance-wealth, a great career, purpose-is the result of hard work and hustle over time. I pray that anyone who reads this will be successful in life..

  7. How's it going Adam! Love your Vids and keep up the good work. I'm reaching out to you because I want to be involved in the business world and eventually start my own business one day and I want to see if you have any Advice for me.

  8. debby sun

    When marketing is reduced to just communicating Value, this reduces the scope of marketing to the promotion part of marketing. Marketing is basically all the activities involved in solving problems and meeting needs from identifying need gap to delivering value I. Terms of goods and/or services. It is a continuous process-a cycle- beginning from the conception of the idea to delivery of product and even after delivery . When you understand from this angle you'll find that it's much more than communication or selling or even distribution etc.

  9. pratik babhulkar

    The moment I started watching your video , I knew I am at the right place 😀. Subscribed ❤️

  10. Great episode Mr. Erhart, I personally found this video outstanding from every point of view. I discovered the love I have towards the many things you talk about and that is the sole reason I study it now. I found it to be really creative and it is exactly the type of work companies are looking for nowadays. Marketing in specific has so many general alternatives such as digital marketing, creative marketing, sports marketing, and more. There are so many opportunities out there. Great video!

  11. Dana Clerici

    That was a great video Adam! I learned a lot, thanks for sharing !

  12. Yasin Nabi

    wonderful tips Adam. I have been enjoying your content since 2 years ago


    You are like , young Brian Tracy 👍

  14. Tesla Falcon

    Adam just defined marketing as "Why should I care?" I've been watching alot of Simon Sinek lately. His step #1 in marketing: why. The reason behind the business, the why that motivates the founder / CEO, the why they care about the business. At that point, the viewer is hooked or right hooked.

  15. B Stanley

    Adam love your videos, I must admit you have the gift of gab. You could sell an ice cube to an Eskimo and an iceberg. I always leave your videos feeling, Man he has thousands of videos how the world can you put all this together? I often feel like YouTube and social media channels are more about putting out content to generate an audience and ultimately views and revenue then helping the end-user. Not saying you’re doing that, but the more videos you watch the more you feel that way. But we all got to make a living somehow.

  16. Yasin Nabi

    Adam you are a wonderful couch.. thanks

  17. Great important for in the marketing activities but my question how to created marketing structure

  18. Markhor

    Marketing101 is so cool💪

  19. Ian King

    This really helped me and I’ve studied for awhile

    But this like really laid out for me what I was missing

    I was just expecting my google adds guy to get all the traffic I need

  20. Red Bull Osu!

    i have a marketing job interview tomorrow and i dont know anything about marketing. Wish me luck

  21. KariasTiara

    I'm currently going to school right now for my bachelor's degree in business/marketing but I find myself lost on what direction of marketing to go in and how to start entry-level. Thanks for your video

  22. Raioh

    I am with Direct Response Marketing with Allstate. I love my job, no joke

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