How The Internet Travels Across Oceans

99% of all internet traffic – from this video to your Pokemon Go account to your family WhatsApp group – runs on a hidden network of undersea cables. Why should you care? Because modern life is increasingly dependent on those slinky subaquatic wires. And they get attacked by sharks from time to time.


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How The Internet Travels Across Oceans


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  1. E85STI

    Time Warner oceanic cable tv. I had this when I was stationed in Hawaii for three years and I’ll never forget it.

  2. Trajon Duclos

    They are NOT wires. They ARE cables. But not even in the most relaxed, ignorant parlance, are they ever wires.

  3. Debadri Mondal

    Azerbaijan to Turkmenistan via Caspian Sea, not Black sea.

  4. lord pickle

    Fun fact: from the time of the earliest people in Europe until light-skinned settlers from the Middle East settled Europe around 9000 years ago, the various peoples of Europe essentially had it all to themselves for roughly 45,000 years and in all that time had practically ZERO technological achievements.

  5. David Cross

    Satellites DON"T exist. ALL our Earth communication is GROUND Base.

  6. karl powell

    This video is fake most of our internet is ran off of satellites

  7. Ryan667

    this is crazy, never knew this was a thing

  8. aLgaeikPond

    0:02 bro Pokemon go is such a outdated term to say; yall stuck in 2016, imma click off this video just bc of that.

  9. Leeartlee

    He said that 99% of all internet goes through the ocean…. but that doesn’t make sense if I live on the mainland of the US. We have tons of server farms on our land and many of the websites I go to are US based…. that statistic makes very little sense to me.

  10. 6six6gaming

    You can get a 6 thousand kilometre internet cable running along the sea bed from America to Spain but I can't get a signal from my home hub in the kitchen.

  11. Brad

    Lol.. girth

  12. DingDongBells

    3:57 Australia wouldn't need such concern if they had actual unbreakable end to end encryption

  13. Jesus Diaz

    5:30 "cable is by far the cheapest and most efficient means of YEETING vast packets of data over incredibly long distances"
    the fact that the term "yeet" was used in this educational manner makes me love this channel much more.

  14. George Slavchev

    The cable from Azerbaijan to Turkmenistan doesn’t cross the Black sea. The Black sea is not there.

  15. Azzy

    Wait, only 100Gbps? That seems incredibly slow.

  16. Luis Alicea

    So if we use these underwater cables for internet use and connection. Then what’s the use for Satellites then??

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