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Korean actresses' first trip to India — THE HEAT🔥 [Part 1] | K-DOC

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Visiting India is on my bucket list…🤭

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수상한 여행 인도


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  1. Yukta `K

    This whole thing is annoying. Normal average Indians don’t even travel this way. It’s unsafe and unclean. You gotta pay some to get some lol. Can’t expect shit if you aren’t ready to pay. This is insulting. India is a beautiful country for tourists to travel but you gotta research and choose the right places and plan accordingly. KBS is so shit I swear.

  2. Manish Rosha

    Oh my god, this is the actress of my holo love, I saw that Korean drama just because of this actress! Feeling bad thinking that I can't meet the actress of my dreams after being so close to Delhi.

  3. Pritam Laskar

    You shall be banned from entering India in future. You chose all the wrong ways to travel and then made a YT video complaining about everything. You could've have taken a Uber at the airport. Even indians don't travel that way. Shame on you people for this video.

  4. Luni Bangsia

    Sorry but i have to say this , i couldn’t even finish wAtching the video for unreasonable trying to show how they are great full to be in India at the same time showing their worst travelling experiences. They are actresses and sponsors by such a big company, cant they effort an AC cab . Why the hell they have to make those actresses travel by a train in general. Ooooffff …..even we Indians plan before we travel. And there are lots of beautiful and good places in india.I am very fond of korean shows and movies but watching these kind of videos make me feel really sad and unhappy. Such a great country India and they have to show in such a way . Sad

  5. why broke tourists visits india and stays at a shitiest place they can find and films there 🤦🏻‍♂️ india beautiful country and y'all films slums , traffic and poor people

  6. DARK


  7. Shahama Banu

    Oh my god 😯…I can't believe this..❤️

  8. Rashmi

    Why do people only want to show this part of India and run away from the developed parts of our country? What kind of fetish is this🤣

  9. Dashu

    I think it depends upon how much you spend money in India and seeing only one city there is 🥲 it changes like culture,Food,places,If you come next time to India do visit Like SouthIndia like Bangalore City, Mumbai City,Kochi city,its very nice and clean city, I can Garenty you would love and also the nature in Western Ghats.ex:-Goa Beaches,Charmadi Ghats,Shirdi Ghats.etc

  10. CelestialWolf

    Annyooo! If you come to bangalore you must have some beef and check out Bethel AG church too. It's awesome!

  11. Suhasini Kundu

    I think the short hight girl in Sweet dream kdrama

  12. TheBahramis

    Why did they have to choose the cheapest train ? I have visited India and I haven’t seen better five stars service anywhere in the world. 😒

  13. Crank

    I am indian and it doesn't feel like india at all 🤣 it honestly felt like bangladesh man why were you traveling in those areas that was so dirty and heavily crowded

  14. jenny ballesteros

    I will never be ready for india, is just too much chaos and looks extremely dirty.

  15. Mrinmayee

    If you want to experience what india is and want your trip to be comfortable then spend some money guys….and to kdoc, show the foreigners the good and beautiful side of india too and not just the poor side even middle class indians nowadays don't travel like that

  16. Bntet

    Indian amazed 1s ttime they see beautiful east asian woman 😆

  17. Chaos Studios

    Am sure they could afford plane travel. Most urban indians do fly domestically unless they going to their village which has a train station rather than airport but if possible , will still choose a plane. So, these korean ladies did not have to burden themselves and show the struggles of old India lol but hand of applause to them for putting in the effort to experience it.

  18. Adarsh 47k

    You girls are really actors? Because you select most cheapest city to stay and cheapest train also.


    lmao. there are lot of tourist places in India but they traveled around the slum like bruh 😂

  20. Grace Flora

    Every time I roam I really expect to meet some foreigners… specially from Korea …I hope I get some😊🙏

  21. Ishita

    Too much arrogance😂 destroys a person.

  22. Swe

    I m an Indian…but this place,,rarely seen

  23. Rupee Facts

    7 times I watching this video ….Can anyone name of these actress ? …they are lovely.

  24. Kamaljit Beesla

    Why not we accept our country is really poor and soo corrupt peoples can’t afford food. Every day you Indian fitting with each other you people think other country people didn’t know everybody know but Indian people ignore because dirty political leaders always told our country no. 1 country

  25. Sarala Reddy

    Being a proud indian… We know our country and our culture…these korean know nothing about us… Please stop these kind of presentation of my nation… It's disgusting.. my country is not known as an alcoholic country like Korea

  26. Anubha Yadav

    It shows Korean people are soo stingy😂😂

  27. Roxas Win

    1 rupee = 16 Korean Won totally understandable why they are travelling like this haha.. hard to understand that Korean can be this cheap, Spend some money people, i think we spend more money on Chai then they are spend for this travel haha..

  28. Ask your sensei !

    I'm so sad for them because no body gave them a planned tour to india!!! The experinece would have been 100 times better with some pre planning that is done for foreigners.. Even indians dont go without planning

  29. Ask your sensei !

    Lmao. Even Indians would spend more than this and have a good tour.

  30. vipul

    They are just traveling in crowded places not really visiting shimla goa leh ladkah and all other places

  31. PRINCE

    Wow what a joke, every foreigners only show indian slumbs and poor peoples, if you want to visit India you can visit many beautiful places. But foreigners want to visit with little money.

  32. sun city

    I see lots of indians getting mad here but let's be honest… This is how middle class indians live. I didn't see any wrong representation. More than 50 % of india foes live this life so let's not be butthurt. Okay. Only certain sections live a nice life. Even in delhi, I find only safdarjung, defcol and lajpat (basically South delhi) as a more elite crowd. Apart from South delhi most places are dirty and full of people leering or masturbating or urinating in open. So a heads up to tourists… Visit only South delhi if you want a clean and happy stay…. Baaki saare jagah toh uffff kya bataoo.

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