When inflation peaks, the market is ready to resume the secular bull uptrend, say BofA's Hyzy

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This Post Has 43 Comments

  1. Nancy King

    When Joe entered the White House Inflation was 1.4%
    Now, it's 8.3%
    40 year high
    Thanks alot Joe


    Another crook from bofa who wants to steal your money, at the same time they are selling.

  3. tio lio


  4. Ella Robert

    You'll make a lot of money in the long term if you stay invested and ignore the market's ups and downs; but, a major market correction triggers a lot of margin calls and sell-offs, sending the market further lower. In a bull market, people become greedy, and it's nearly impossible to resist the urge to buy additional stocks with borrowed money or money they don't have. People in the United States even used their home equity lines to purchase equities.

  5. Joam Inow

    If this is the advice you get from BofA CIO then get out now. Inflation will begin to slow but then you are going to have to deal with lack of earnings and then the lack of liquidity.

  6. Vero Vvv

    stay home I believe that the inflation is already priced in crypto market since the end of last year. These manipulative rats are always 2 steps ahead of everybody because they are market makers. I hope I’m wrong and they won’t keep dumping it on retail investors as always. Those who hold the longest will profit the most, I trade and hold profits keep up the great work! and also Fadwa has been doing a great job reviewing all chart, trade and techniques on BTC which has enhance the growth of my portfolio from 1.76BTC to 8.9 BTC lately

  7. i hate that goofy looking dork on the left. The dude on the Right makes good points. AND I WILL NOT CAPITULATE. UP 12% TODAY IN RED MARKET, BRING IT ON!!

  8. David Allen

    Despite the economic downturn,I'm so happy☺️. I have been earning $ 60,000 returns from my $10,000 investment every 20days.

  9. Quantum Chem

    He obviously doesn't understand economics. Demand destruction is the result of raising rates and is necessary to curb inflation…. Wealth will continue to be destroyed until people stop spending.

  10. Bills Garden

    It's not time to buy, don't listen to people who get paid to be optimistic

  11. YuanBao

    Inflation is still high as hot china money are still buying up USA real estate and businesses.
    I too wish for a bull to run soon …but Biden is purposely keeping the USD $$$ high for I don't know what reasons. 😭

  12. mushaf munas

    Nasdaq hit the bottom. Next bill run forming. Buy and hold.

  13. Ross

    just because the market takes a big dip and corrects doesn't mean inflation is magically brought down too. High inflation like we have is much trickier and takes much longer to fix than simply making the stock market correct lol.

  14. Parth Shah

    Do the opposite. Dont be fooled as 2008

  15. M G

    Thank you Biden voters. Your idiocy has made American suffer the most since the 1970s

  16. Dorothy Martin

    Since we continue to spend more billioms that we don't have, I can't see how inflation will reach any peak.

  17. Jim Maag

    In other news, Tom Lee says "buy the dip"

  18. Jeremie

    It's not clear that the Fed will have to intervene yet?

  19. Cries & Smiles

    U will see what inflation stagnation does to ur portfolio 😂

    Cheers from west Africa

  20. Rob T

    Always wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong

  21. Lupe Ramos

    These guys put a fancy suit on, have the Fed fund the market for them with trillions of free money and then call themselves smart. And as soon as daddy stops giving everything goes down the drain. These are the people handling the financial affairs of the country.

  22. George Then

    Bull market what hell is this guy talking about

  23. Carletta Crnichtk

    The market is very unstable and you can not tell If it's going bearish or bullish. I advise y'all to forget predictions and start making a good profit now because future valuations are all speculations and guesses.When these reports are bullish take some off to the side lines, when news gets bearish start buying. "Keep it simple simple" that bear/ correction was the best thing that happened me. <But all thanks to Benny Lee for his amazing skills for helping me to earn 19 Btc through trading chart. I believe we are in the spring phase..

  24. Bob koln

    Rip or dip.. really lol?!?! “Best financial news lmao

  25. Alex Smith

    What about the war? It's the main cause of the inflation. Never see the media mention it.

  26. Elliot West

    Donald Trump lost some weight, dang. 😂

  27. Anon-san

    These guys are delusional

  28. Pankstrasse

    Inflation was transitory, we've seen inflation peak and we've seen bottom of the market. All wrong, all the time, everyday. These guys are clowns.

  29. Jisan Mh

    Ești un idol Kimmy-jka.Monster mereu în inima mea 💋 frumos, dragoste, alegere, cultural. Sunt unul dintrep cele mai bune concerte….

  30. Francisco Jimenez

    Wrong, when inflation peaks, its just a peak, nothing more. If it continues consistent over 5%, everything will continue to be bad. Do not follow these people, the market will drop big, this is just the beginning.

  31. Redjetsen

    More dis information from MSNB$

  32. gary mcmillan

    Lol. Not… Earnings reports will continue to be worse and worse for the foreseeable future. It is physically impossible to grow in this environment. Even if inflation peaks at 8.3% (which it likely won't, see:energy) it will continue to be stupidly high for a long time chipping away from consumer discretionary spending and companies bottom lines. 'Pricing power' won't even be enough. They are just trying to set everybody up for another giant Bear Market Rally so they can recover some of their losses. 100% chance we will see another couple/few impressive bear market rallies.

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