2021 Volkswagen Taigun review – The people’s German SUV | First Drive | Autocar India

If you’re in the market for a mid-size SUV, there’s a new option for you in the Volkswagen Taigun. Saumil Shah drives the Taigun GT DSG and Taigun GT MT to tell you why you should be interested in Volkswagen’s all-important engineered-for-India SUV.

Cameraperson: Shreyans Chordia
Editor: Mohit Sharma

0:00 – Introduction
1:00 – Volkswagen Taigun 2021 dimension and styling
3:03 – Volkswagen Taigun 2021 interior
5:50 – Volkswagen Taigun 2021 sunroof & features
6:06 – Volkswagen Taigun 2021 safety
6:23 – Volkswagen Taigun 2021 rear seat
8:16 – Volkswagen Taigun 2021 boot capacity
8:33 – Volkswagen Taigun 2021 engine options
9:23 – Volkswagen Taigun GT DSG performance
11:20 – Volkswagen Taigun GT cylinder deactivation
12:00 – Volkswagen Taigun GT DSG ride and handling
13:02 – Volkswagen Taigun GT MT performance
14:59 – Volkswagen Taigun GT MT features
16:00 – Volkswagen Taigun 2021 price expectation and verdict
17:24 – BTS

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This Post Has 45 Comments

  1. Sunmodi Prints

    I thought, for dsg missing all these – one touch up and down glass, no ventilated seats, no quality tyres, no leather seats, no electrically adjustable driver seat, overall the company not bothered what customer require

  2. Shreyas Salvi

    Which varient of Taigun should I go for? Topline at or GT at ?

  3. Rohan Kumar

    Please do not call it SUV. It’s not even a proper 5 seater car. The stupid rear seat design is such that it becomes uncomfortable for 3rd passenger. And for this steep price.
    VW have some shame!


    Taigun me panaromic sunroof company india se import krr rahi h lekin India me nhi de rahi h don't know why??

  5. Tejasvi S

    bad design language and compromised parts quality as usual for Indians

  6. sdethe

    Annoying rattling noise from car doors and dashboard plastic that they are not able to fix and almost helpless at this point as VW is not able to figure out a fix. Dealerships are aware of this issue but no one will tell you about it. Better to wait until this is fixed by manufacturer

  7. AutoIN

    Taigun look is excellent It is best suv

  8. Sahil Goyal

    Where is this video shot? It looks good! Can someone help me out here?

  9. Trjxx

    I just love the way they do it

  10. Ashutosh

    How many units have been sold in India till date?

  11. akkassy

    How much air pressure shall i keep

  12. Harish Oraon

    Tiguan/Kushaq in my analysis –
    The thought process is reverse. people who back out from buying harrier, jeep compass, creta. they can find Tiguan and Kushaq 1.5 option attractive.
    People who are around 14L budget they can take the comfortline. Highline and midline does not make much sense due to huge pricing gap and feature offered.

  13. R Menon

    Yeah nah.. The price was shocking. I thought it was competing with the kia seltos.

  14. Rohit Bansal

    why doesn't anybody talk about the wrong placement of turn Indicator knob, it should be on the right side in car in India, How can you place your hand on gear and turn indicator simultaneously on a curve. At lest Indians should let Volkswagen know that when you are selling in India make cars for India, not to export your parts out of the country.

  15. Anish Mathew

    This car looks way more appealing in flesh!!

  16. Rahul Raj

    Recently Volkswagen is loosing on quality which it was famous for thi strategy will back even orginal buyers pull out , because people look for quality in Volkswagen so they go for over budget now what happened quality has come budget is also not competive

  17. Anupam Bahl

    Nice review.. i am looking at this for a replacement for my 2012 VW Vento 1.6 TDI.


    In short VW Taigun has Good build quality and Great Engine Performance. Best for car Enthusiasts.

  19. Amit Singh

    Ahaann not that wt I was Expecting,not done Volkswagen 😏

  20. Mitu Raj

    Too much chrome makes it look like Chinese👎👎👎 Kushaq over this.

  21. Rishabh

    In the starting of the video , i doubted that i have seen this location and was familiar . Then recalled that it was lake badi in udaipur. What a lovely place where i used to hang out with my friends .

  22. Vik Mehta

    Segmentation aside XUV300 💪🇮🇳 is a strong safe quality value for money product. Spacious cabin and wheelbase identical to Creta with Turbo Engine

  23. Very well explained and showcased the vehicle 👏🏻 👍🏻 👌🏻
    Looking forward for your many more videos in the future!

  24. srinitaaigaura

    Volkswagen makes great cars, but their suspension needs to have a much softer mode specially for low speeds till 60 kmph.

  25. C T R

    Oh no diesel then no VW cars at all . South India loves diesel cares alot.

  26. Kiran M

    Last part was fun.. 😂😂😂😂😂

  27. Kiran M

    That's good decision.. to cut off fancy options and give best driving experience at reasonable price.. .. true drives would love it..

  28. S tv

    First time. Volkswagen is launch on affordable price

  29. Manish Sharma

    Should you compare the dimensions and performance with European/Canadian version of Taigun also. As you mentioned the product is shorter than creta which is an asian version of SUV

  30. Read MyComment

    Thank you for an excellent review. Professionally and friendly done

  31. Ashutosh

    Less features are big downsides.
    Let’s not let these car makers take Indian consumers granted

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