Sri Lanka Warns Those Damaging Property Can Be Shot

Sri Lanka on Tuesday said those found damaging public property or harming others could be shot, after a day of clashes that killed seven people and injured more than 200, in violence that prompted Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa to resign.

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  1. Shakir Saeed

    Only Media Channel in India can be watched..

  2. Ali Mathary

    Anuman langa 🥴🥴👈modi Ko R🤞🤝👈 lankan RSS party 🥒🥒🤡👈

  3. Loka

    Trailer for India. Picture abhi bakhi hai

  4. gaming with lily

    Jabh peth me bhook ho to ye haal hote he PM CM ke ye hi haal hone wala he lagta he India ka thode dino me

  5. Harshit Bari

    It’s an eye opener for all…india too
    Utopia and reality has different basis…

  6. Fareed Ahmed

    The right wing fake nationalists who showed the moon on palms by sowing seeds of hatred are reduced to nothing.

    Politics of hate and its end results are very evident.

  7. Babuli Patra

    It seems like Gandhi family fled to a naval base leaving behind supporters .

  8. J S R

    Coming soon to India

  9. Aron Blanche

    But but sri lankan are the most happiest people. India needs to learn bla bla …

  10. ravi chaudhary

    और आओ चीन की बातों में अब कहाँ गया चीन पहले तो श्रीलंका के pm चीन की गांड में घुसा अब क्या हुआ ।

  11. Syed Haris

    RSS will be very dismayed 🤔🤔🤔

  12. Munaf Ghori

    India should not support tyranny Sri lankan government. It's sad to learn that India gave couple of billion rs.

  13. zafar Ali

    Apne India bhawise v yehi hogi is sarkar me…Bhakto khun ka rona royenge…Tab tak bahot der ho jayegi…Srilanka pm bhag geya or…Modi ji ne to bola hi me jholi le kar chala jaunga

  14. Asrar Ahmad

    Kitno ko maaro GE…???
    Goli baarood lekar nahi sab chhod kar aur apni jaan Baja kar bhagna padega… Yeh public hai public….

  15. Utpal Sarkar

    made in China 🐕🐶🦮🇨🇳📍,,👌👌👌👌👌

  16. SRR

    Ram naam satya hai…. Western policy got results that they will rule the 3rd world countries indirectly….. India next….. Still andha bhagats unable to understand… Neither India is going to be hindutva country nor an established flourishing secular country, rather it's going to be next srilanka… Don't worry, as you sow so you reap andhbhakts.. Pity is due to andhbhakts all other Indians are going to suffer.

  17. SRR

    Future india….. For andha bhagats… It's eye opening

  18. Hermit

    Dirty, dirty hehehe

  19. Wickd SainT

    Muje apna pm ka bawashiya dikh raha hain. Jai sri ram.
    tri-vidhaṁ narakasyedaṁ dvāraṁ nāśhanam ātmanaḥ
    kāmaḥ krodhas tathā lobhas tasmād etat trayaṁ tyajet

  20. MS Hussain

    Result of communal hatred for decades

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