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A lot of work goes into optimizing websites for search engines. The people behind all of that work are SEO specialists.

But…what does an SEO expert do to help websites rank higher in search results? And how do they help turn site visitors into your customers?

SEO Professional Trevin has all the answers in this video. He’ll explain what SEO professionals do using the acronym, “ROCKET,” which stands for:
–Earned media and links

Trevin will dive into what each letter of the acronym means and how each aspect of SEO impacts businesses.

If you still have questions about what SEO specialists do after watching this video, drop them in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!

In this video:
00:00:00 // Introduction to what SEO specialists do
00:00:56 // The ROCKET acronym
00:01:28 // R for research
00:02:22 // O for optimize
00:03:17 // C for content
00:04:42 // K for keywords
00:05:41 // E for earned media
00:06:33 // T for testing
00:07:10 // Trevin makes a pun
00:07:16 // Conclusion to what SEO specialists do

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  1. Nicholas Kolb

    straightforward and easy to understand! thanks!

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    I do have experience in SEO of 3+ if you have any openings in SEO. kindly let me know, I have exp with a Singapore firm, I worked in a remote-based and If my tasks and roles do not meet your expectations, I am willing to do an internship.

  3. Ravencorpse

    As a journeyman SEO Specialist, this is informative.

  4. Sunny

    Truly helpful. Could you tell me what are skills I need to learn for this job? I am planning to shift my career to this. Thank you in advance. 🙂

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    straightforward and easy to understand! thanks!

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    Best for non-technical rocketeers out there. More videos like this please. 😀

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    Thank you a lot for this video. This is very interesting and informative. Keep posting like those amazing videos, this is awesome.

  8. Mark Caruana

    Do they answer youtube questions? hehe A Question: / Challenge: for SEO experts or those aspiring. I use wordpress so this is a front end wordpress issue. I just cloned and migrated with sg migrator a site a dot com from another one where I was test building it. The transfer went perfectly however I have to issue that when you google the new website the old website still pops up instead at the top of the list. Can anyone provide me help with this? I know its an SEO metadata or google indexing issue but not sure how to resolve.

  9. Anish Chatterjee

    Thank you so much for this resource. I am just starting a digital marketing agency, I would love to learn more about how to grow my agency.🙏👍

  10. M

    Thank you for this! I am 17 and I am researching the best Digital Marketing specialisation for me and making notes on this really helped me out . Great insights into SEO specialists in this video! 👍

  11. thank you for this video. am researching a career in seo amd there is not that much content. This was helpful. And the rocket pun humour was appreciated 😂

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