SEO for Developers in 100 Seconds

Learn the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) from the perspective of a web developer. Determine the optimal way to structure and render HTML for bots

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Technical overview

00:00 What is SEO
02:01 Create Good Content
03:54 HTML Structure
07:09 Rendering Strategies

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  1. Liban M.R.

    So close, the video is 112 seconds :/

  2. Laszlo

    Wait, the time you spend on the website is a ranking metric? Is that why some sites are confusing and hard to navigate?

  3. yan akali

    elderly people in their late 20s


    sorry but I disagree with the content D: as per your channel, great content isn't enough to get found and teach others.

  5. Econael

    So the longer it takes me to find the relevant information on a website, the better it gets ranked due to "long engagement time".

  6. SerfNoMore

    No one else on YT takes complicated topics and condenses them down to easily approachable and sensible advice. Of course 100s videos always require more research but they introduce topics and don't overwhelm giving you key topics to look for. Often in this realm you simply don't know what you don't know.

    Thanks dood.

  7. Casper de With

    0:17 Even elderly people in their late 20s can learn to code. Brilliant!

  8. Kachkol Asa

    Bro 11*60 is not 100 but 1 minute of your video is equal to more informative than a 30 minutes video these days

  9. Chinoman10

    Cloudflare Pages is a pretty decent hosting solution that has an extremely generous free plan (unlike Vercel or Netlify).

  10. JiFei Shan

    3.easy to be understand by broswer
    4.render performance (lighthouse score)

  11. William Duncan

    Screw react and nextjs. Use etags and cache control. Etags are like checksums to validate whether the content was changed. You can also use modification time headers for caching. The client will send "if-modified-since" header and you can 304 that it the content hasn't changed

  12. Fud

    i mean this isnt 100 seconds, but im down

  13. undevable

    This is probably the best Fireship video I watched so far. The intro is just too damn good

  14. CardinalHijack

    can you use the <article /> tag if your content is not an article? Say its a list of something or a table – can you use an article here in the same way?

  15. Mango Smoothie

    I'm so glad that I've found your channel!!! Thank you for creating so many great contents!!!

  16. HaZe

    Longest 100 seconds in my life.

  17. Bo Geyer

    Bro. Your videos slap. The illest and most indepth insights on web development on this platform 👏

  18. Aren't all pages rendered by the server when they are requested? Sorry I don't understand

  19. Subham Tripathi

    This was something really good, Blowed up my mind 🙂 Thanks

  20. Niwla23

    how do they know the user interactions with the page?

  21. Guerra dos Bichos

    Why are we renaming things that we've been doing for 20 years? People have doing virtually the same thing as isr on less cool technology for two decades

  22. Piyush Singh

    Very oversimplified. I don't think you can do anything based only on this video

  23. Garou

    I know this video is old, but when do I start using the <main> tag? I'm learning through The Odin Project and I haven't been told about this yet. Is there a reason why? Is it relevant early on when I'm just trying to get my first job?

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