Gravitas: US debates India's non-alignment on Ukraine

The US State Department says India is reducing its dependence on Russian weapons and cancelling recent orders for fighter jets and anti-tank artillery. How has India reacted to these claims? How does Washington see India’s non-alignment? Palki Sharma tells you.

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This Post Has 29 Comments

  1. K Chin

    Hard work Juggling

  2. Marshall Smith

    India should stay a friend to Russia IMO. The west has no love for India

  3. Gaz H

    Some comments saying India need to keep there ties with Moscow cause the border, I can tell you now that as soon as Pakistan and China invade India, Russia will be joining China and you would of all been funding his military power but buying oil to kill your own people.. I really don’t know why US is deciding to have meetings with India there are all dumb to the outcome and they should be left on there own if any thing happens..I mean this is a start for Indian government but stopping purchase of weapons.. but you really need to wake up and forgot that Russia is not on your side, they are on China’s side, and China is on Pakistan’s side.. you have to laugh how gullible Indians are

  4. Susan Summers

    Don't give India so much credit.. USA weapons are far better look at Russia losing to Ukraine.

  5. Susan Summers

    India needs to stand with the west India can tell usa is far superior military..

  6. Biswamohan Dwari

    Why these people don't understand that if India joins with US which she want to even, then China and Pakistan will join with Russia and India will create a very dangerous enemy.

  7. master yap

    "India needs Russia to counter China." Really? Me thinks, India needs the United States more to counter China! After all didn't Russia recently signed a mutual friendship pact with China in Beijing? Where does that leave India in Putin's eyes. Why didn't Putin visit India?

  8. SMB

    To sell various of wepens this war

  9. Krazy killar47

    The world would be a better place without America 🇺🇸.

  10. P. Vivek

    Our external affairs team is a master piece

  11. Himanshuu V Gupta

    We are neutral.We won't dig our own graves and when no one stood for us Russia did sorry India can't forget it's friends

  12. obiora obi

    Heres a question, if ever India has a conflict with China , who does India think Russia would side. While Putin is President Russia is nobody's friend. Putin works with individuals not countries.

  13. D M


  14. D M

    Make your own weapons!!!

  15. suthesan arasu

    It’s doesn’t matter what weapon you buy. If you’re logistics and Vcom suck you have to bomb a nation flat to take it. Look at Ukraine, Russia hardware sucks. German have a bigger Military budget than Russia now.

  16. Blaine Sitter

    American's arm Pakistan & wonders about India , Don't pick sides , options are limiting . American political cycle destroys everyone equally

  17. Kois Rojas

    India should stay independent as US is not trustworthy remember US has funded Pakistan for a long time

  18. Ninita 2

    China is talking about wanting Ukraine peace. India has to say the same. You are choosing the wrong side.

  19. Battlestar540

    India news are not even neutral. In Germany no Moderator would talk about subjectiv interest xD she does not know why india reduces it…she is just guessing xD

  20. Raja Barua

    My question is, when there are so many different currencies across many different countries, why does the world use Dollar? Because some white people suggested it? We need to change that. Keep dollar inside america.

  21. Xavier HOSTER

    Be careful India…
    When Putin will announce that "Russians and Indians are one people"…
    Time to pack luggages!

  22. D C

    Anyone thinking those weapons weren't delivered because Russia wants them now?!

  23. vks538

    No one supported Indian culture and sovereignty…when colonial west plundered 275 trillion $ worth of resources and killed 67 millions….😅🤣

  24. Gi Gi

    If India support Ukraine Ladak will soon be a Chinese territory with the Russian support and India may lose Kashmir too.

  25. Grumpy Dinosaur

    India needs Russia to contain China. Meantime Russia deals with India and with China. India has its own agenda and problems and calling US a child, the most powerfull country in the world who is also kinda above neutral towarss India is kinda weird but i guess cuz some problems with UK, US in last century thats understandable. I noticed for a long time that this channel somehow is more biased towards India. Which is good, we should love our motherland.

  26. Matthew McClary

    The war in Ukraine is like a sales commercial for weapons. Place your orders now!!!

  27. India is focusing on becoming Atmanirbar which is needed so that Maa Bharti is not dependent with anyone in long run.

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