Video SEO Marketing – How to slipstream to success

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Today I am going to give video marketers an idea on how you can gain traffic to your blog or website fast though tapping into the power of an influential person.

The concept is pretty much the same as professional cyclists, and runners use to leverage the power of others to propel them to victory.

A cyclist will often sit back behind a leader in a race using their slipstream to go the same speed with less effort.

I am going to show you how to use this same technique with your video SEO marketing.

As we all know — SEO is about 2 things primarily:
1) Relevant content to a users search
2) Links to that content, which imply trust to the search engines.

This strategy that I am about to share with you will show you how to easily leverage both of these.

First of all you need to find your target leader; an influential person in your industry — this may be a journalist. A blogger or a well-known speaker.

It does not matter exactly who they are, just that they have influence and are listened to and respected.

Now, when you spot a piece of news or a theory that they have come up with

or perhaps a new piece of technology that is of interest to your market then there is an opportunity for you to slipstream this news.

For example if a thought leader announces a theory they have and you believe strongly that it has legs then why not try it out and then be ready to make a video covering your experiment.

Once the experiment is over then you have a story to tell to that influential person and other influential people in the industry.

Send them a simple email telling them that you tried out their theory and got XXX results and offer to give them more detail if they are interested to hear about it.

They will more than likely respond.

Why? Firstly, it is a compliment to them that you took the time to try out the theory and secondly you have helped them verify their theory with a live case study — they are going to want to back up their theory with proof.

Once they get back to you then offer to do a video case study with them; this will mean that both them and you will be promoting your experiment and getting you a massive boost in your awareness and stature in your industry.

What if they do not respond to your email? It is possible that they did not see your email or perhaps they were too busy to respond.

However, this should not stop you from taking the opportunity to get some publicity through your experiment. Create a video explaining what you did and how ensuring that it is closely tied to the influential persons theory.

You can then use social media to announce the news and perhaps even a press release (ensure that you carefully mention the influential persons theory and how you used it) as this will get you noticed by the influential person as well as other journalists and thought leaders in the industry.

So you will have the page content with your video case study on it and you will get social shares as well as links from the influential thought leader as well as hopefully news sites and blogs within your industry.

Try this out — I would love to hear your feedback on this theory.

If you have any specific questions on video SEO then you can leave them below this video as a comment and I will get back to you within 48 hours.

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