How to install WordPress at your StackCP Cloud Hosting dashboard – 1 click installs –

This is a short walk-through demonstration video tutorial for all our Cloud hosting users on how to use the #1click #WordPress install.

1) Log in your dashboard
2) check that your free SSL is active
3) check the domain “Document root”
4) check that there are no files in the “Document root”
5) Scroll to the very bottom of your #stackcp frontpage dashboard
6) Click on Icon “WordPress”
7) Make sure that you are installing it on the right domain
8) Field DIrectory – ignore it if you don’t know what it means (additional feature for more advanced users)
9) Click on the button “Install WordPress”
10) Open your domain url
11) Choose your language
12) choose: site title / username / password and admin email

You are done 🙂

There are few other steps we recommend – all mentioned in the video.

Enjoy 🙂

Please open a support ticket if you need help with this or other tasks:

We are delighted that you have chosen as your web hosting company.

Helmuts Meskonis


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