India's Thriving Scam Industry: Before You Call Tech Support | Undercover Asia | CNA Documentary

We go deep into the vast world of India’s scam call centers, meeting those behind the deception and the new breed of international scambaiters who are trying to bring these scammers down.

After seven years of running tech support scams, ‘Leo’ has leveled up. He is now an entrepreneur or a scam call center consultant who sets up scamming outfits for those with money to invest. From hiring to hardware, he has it down to a science, especially on how long it will take to generate returns for the investors.

At the other end of the spectrum, we follow an Indian scambaiter ‘Sven’ as he investigates a local company that’s running a scam call center. The majority of their victims are English-speaking foreigners overseas. Through reverse tracking, he has managed to get into the company’s systems, securing access to their confidential files and real-time CCTV footage of scams taking place.

Will ‘Sven’ be able to find enough evidence to submit to the police and conduct a crackdown?

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About Undercover Asia 9: CNA’s award-winning investigative series Undercover Asia returns for the ninth season to uncover two disturbing trends in China and the unexpected fallout from the pandemic in Asia and beyond.

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